Updates On Women Who Missed Af And Got BFN

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ana - December 5

Hi everyone! I have been reading many posts over the past few days and am very curious to find out what has happened to a lot of you. Since I myself and 2 weeks late and getting BFN, I am wondering what has happened to those of you who had this happen???....did you end up being pregnant? just a missed period??...etc.


Jen-uk - December 5

Hi ana, thought i would reply coz i know how frustrated you are feeling. I missed a period in October, and had some cramping so i thought i might av been pregnant, but then i had the ewcm you should get when ovulating and after testing practically every week, 2 weeks after the ewcm i got my period, so it seems i just ovulated late, i did come off the pill in Jan, so it may have been my 1st proper ovulation since, so my body was just adjusting. I would wait until your next period is due, if it doesn't turn up, then get a blood test and see your doctor. Good luck.


Shelby - December 5

I am waiting for my next af this week. If it dosent show I will be marching right down to the docs office to get a blood test. Good luck! *Baby Dust*


ana - December 5

Hi Ladies, Thanks for responding! I just got off the pill 2 months ago as well, but last month my af was right on track. I did get off the pill for a few months last year and was regular those few months...so that is why I am confused. Since my first cycle off the pill was regular, this month is really throwing me off...especially since we have ben ttc for the past couple of months. It is so frustrating to have to sit here and wonder....


Saird - December 5

I finally got AF last night, 9 days late. Talk about a confusing month.


s a e - December 5

i was 24 days late. i have never been late before and even my doctor thought i was preggers! turned out i just had some weird stuff going on hormonally because my AF arrived. better late than never? kind of sad really, it's hard not to get your hopes up, although ultimately it's probably best to know the truth about whats up with your body. i'm trying again this month!!


Rose - December 6

Hey! I'm still waiting for BFP / AF, after BFN x 2 so I'll wait with you. ;) I'm thinking it could just be a late AF but you never know.. :) Baby Dust!!


amanda - December 6

hi, how frustrating is it to be late with negative test results.i am a week late have done 3 tests and all are negative.i will wait with you too.


shelley - December 6

I'll wait as well. I'm already 3.5 weeks late, my second cycle should start by friday, I'll see if it comes or if a BFP finally arrives instead.


Lala - December 6

Isn't all this so confusing?!!! I am 10 days late (from my allready long 34 day cycles). Add to that, that today my cervix has gone up high when it has been low ever since my af was due. BFN's at one day late and one week late. I think it must just be stress. Stress has such a way of making af late. Yet, our bodies can be so confusing and frustrating!!!!!!! hope you all get some good news soon!!!!


Lala - December 7

What's everyone else's updates?


KellyN - December 7

Can I wait too. I'm not nearly as late as some of you, but I am 19 dpo. I have had to go the doctor route, since I have PCOS. I have been doing clomid and IUIs, and the doctors have been carefully monitoring me so I know exactly when I ovulated, but still no af. Usually I start spotting at about 12-13 dpo then af starts on about 16 dpo. I did spot on 12-13 dpo, but then the spotting stopped, and af never started. Still bfn. Will likely test tomorrow morning. Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree tests, otherwise I would be spending a fortune!


ana - December 7

Hi Ladies...ok, well I am 18 days late. Went to my dr and she thinks I may have just missed af this month. grrr! so what does that mean? does that mean I didn't ov? She told me to give it a few months. She did a blood test, but I haven't gotten the results yet.


Becky - December 7

Hello I AF was supposted to visit me today but I havent seen her as of yet. I had a short light period last month but I had a blood test that came back negitive a few weeks ago so I am kinda frustated It should have shown something If I was pregnant. I am pretty sure that I didn't get pregnant this month because My husband was busy working during that time and it was thanksgiving time at my sister in laws. So I am not sure. If AF doesn't show up in the next few days I will be going to the doctor. This is also my first month off BC and the last time I came off was before I got pregnant with my Daughter and I was right on time the first month then got pregnant the second. Well good luck to you all


KellyN - December 8

Now 20 dpo, and af still not here. Still bfn.



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