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Tammy - February 25

I have been bleeding since 10, o’clock. It is dark red but only when I wipe. I just went to the washroom and now it is dropping but still dark red (like af). It is not spotting or dropping on my pad. I am also having af like cramp in my lower abdominal or pelvic area. I am almost three months late (last af was on dec1) and i have taken many hpts and the last I did on last Sunday was faint positive and another one which I did yesterday was very faint positive (barely seen). I am also waiting for by blood test result. I have been feeling like af cramps from last Sunday but was back and forth. The symptoms I have are sore, dark nipples and aerosols, hungry more often, thirsty always, had so much white discharge last month (still have this month but normal), sometimes heartburn and sometimes gassy, weight gain and diarrhea, bigger tummy than usual ( my pants are tight) . I don’t know what is going on. Oh yes, I am also feeling like low fever (not sure). Is it spotting, does spotting come with pain? Should I go to doctor?


Trixie - February 25

hey Tammy... i think u shud go n see a doc ..try lying down... with a pillow under ur hips for a while..see if tht stops the bleeding.. it wud b a good idea to go in emergency or walkin clinic to b on the safer side..


Tia - February 25

I think you should defo go and see a doc..... even if its just to put your mind at ease!! if you go to the emergency room they may do an ultrasound and may be able to be conclusive about your faint positive (but they do say... any type of positives a positive). try not to worry.... when my sister was 3 months pregnant with my nephew she started bleeding a bit - when she went to the emergency they told her that it was just my nephew settling into her womb or something, and she should just lie down and take it easy for a few days. He's 5 now!!! Good Luck x


SugarPie - February 25

Totally agree with everyone above. Something similar happened to me, but then again I still haven't a clue and have a doctor's appointment coming up quite soon. That said.. you would be bleeding around the same time the research that I did said you'd bleed. I think Tia is on point. The main thing you need to do is relax. In addition go read the thread that begins with Mulga, because I explained what I found out there. Much love and just take it easy, but go to the ER and explain everything.*****


kim - February 25

You should go to the ER to get checked out. Not to scare you but I have a friend who had an ectopic pregnancy and those were her symptoms.


Tammy - February 25

Thanks to all of you. i have a question again for you. Does spotting or bleeding come with af like cramps? Tia...For how long your sister's bleeding was? was it for hours or for days? and she was also having cramps like af at that time or not? I can't go to ER without my husband so I am waiting for him and i was relaxing that'y i'm replying late. Thanks again


Serenna - February 25

I would def. call ur dr. or go to the ER. Just to make sure this isn't something serious. I hope it isn't for your sake. Good luck, and your in my prayers. **~Baby Dust~**



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