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courtney - February 28

Well here is my question...did I miss ovulation???? I really need to know....hubby and I are TTC month #1 and I recently, this month started tracking my bbt's...My situation is ...yesterday my temp was 96.5(day 16) This morning my temp rose to 97.4.....DH and I baby danced this morning around 2 am....Is it possible we did it to late??? I am expecting my next AF around march 13-15....Please anyone????


chriss - February 28

courtney, according to my calculations, the timing is right now. You should "baby dance" every second day for the next 4 days or so. You should be ovulating now, but just in case your calculations are off a little.


Jules - February 28

Hey Tiffani I have read that your temp only rises AFTER ovulation and that your best chance of falling preggos is at ovulation time (and if some myths are to be believed - best chan of a boy at that time!) So maybe you guys got it right? I would recommend that you go to this site and chart your signs and temps for the month and it will tell you when exactly you ovulated and what your % chances are. It's an awesome chart and the more info you give the more accurate they can advise you. It's www dot fertility friend dot com. All the best Tiffani - hope you got it right! ;)


Erin - February 28

Courtney, if your temp stays up, then you probably already ovulated and it's too late, but maybe it's just a fluke day. It's hard to tell your pattern unless you tarck for a couple months. I don't know what your cycle is, but being that it's the 16th day, you might have already ovulated.


courtney - February 28

Anyone else??? Does anyone know if it was too late for us....had s_x in the early am and when i woke up temp was high...does that mean it was too late for us or is there still a chance?


Natasha - February 28

Hi Courtney, I can't help you with your temps as I've never kept track of mine, but I do know your ovulation date occurs 14 days before your next AF is due. Research shows, that the most likely time to conceive would be the day before OV. Sperm can survive for up to 7 days though, so if you BD'ed on any of those days, you could very well be pregnant. Good luck! x


beth - March 1

Hi Courtney!! I think you may have bd too late. When was the time before that, that you bd? I am very familiar with the charting. I have done it for six months and I just conceived last month. You really never know untill your period is due. Keep me posted. If you have anymore questions just ask.


courtney - March 1

Hi Beth ....Now this is where it gets confusing...I am also checking cervical position and CM....since my period ended on the 16th of feb..C, has been consistently creamy or eggwhite most of the time.....BD'd on the 12th and 17th day(early am) of my cycle. I'm hoping it's not too late...but i really don't know....any help would be much appreciated...And GOOD LUCK with your pregnancy!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - March 1

Good work, Courtney. The egg is good for close to a day after ovulation, so you may have caught it. A day earlier would have been better. As (if) you get more months correlating BBT, CM and CP I'm sure you will come to know your cycle really well and time things perfectly. Good luck.



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