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CHARMAMA - August 3



susan - August 3

toyia, i know how you feel i have the same exact symptoms, but my period did come on for july, however after my period my b___st still hurt everyday i get headaches, i feel like i have to throw up but i don't, i've been constipated, and felt light headed. i also took a preg. test with negative results, and like you i donot have any insurance. i said i was going to wait about two more weeks and if the symptoms cont. i would take another test. what do you all think.


TOYIA - August 4

thanx Charmama for your advice but I've pretty much got the insurance thing together but thank you so much.For Susan I already found out I am pregnant. At this point I am 11 weeks along. I continued to post on this page to give everyone updates. If you look down the page for post w/ my name I give the latest news on my pregnancy for and will try my best to continue to do so. I hope it helps women that go through the same confusing and irritating ordeal of knowing you are and having test tell you NO! Susan maybe you are pregnant, maybe you are just a late bloomer w/ hcg levels. well I'll continue to keep you guys posted on this page. God Bless Sweeties:)... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SaRaH - August 4

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) I hope you have a great day!!!!! CONGRATS on your pregnancy! :)


APRIL - August 4



susan - August 4

CONGRATS, and HAPPY BIRHTDAY. thanks for your advice i am still having the same symptoms some less on some days i am going to a wait one more weelk and take another test and no matter what the results are i am going to the doctors.


*** - August 5

toyia....you seem to know about preg. alot so i have a question. i had a period that was very light, but i am never ever heavy. my b___bs aren't sore anymore (after my "period" they stopped hurting) but i have been getting sharp pains in my stomach (sometimes worse then others) and it even hurts to put pressure there. i have taken 3 preg. tests, all neg. one was right after my period was over, another a little over a week later. i went to a clinic and they said it would be 99.9% accurate or it would at least show a faint positive line to indicate something was going on. do you think that i am OK then??? i guess i just really need some words to settle my mind for a while...i am completely stressing myself out!!!! thanks in advance :)


ange - August 5

Hello I am new here. I have been looking for people with neg hpt results. I had an iud for about1 1/2 years. I have two children already. I did research on iuds and was disgusted because i now feel they are much like abortion. Anyway while checking the strings it came out(big relief) i never had anything more than spotting with it. The day after it came out I had some bleeding which i have read is normal but it was not my reg period. I have been feeling preg., but all tests are neg. I just thoght i would share my problem.


ange - August 5

I also wanted to say i have done research and the dollar store tests are supposed to be equal to big name brands. I don't know about the levels detected but i have found some for a dollar, which is a big relief. I have taken several and will do again until i get my period. i found out now that i can become preg. from s_x before iud came out. anyway i saw a postfrom alla about affording them so i just wanted to help. Good luck to all


Toyia - August 9

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your birthday wishes! For ***** I really don't know much about pregnancy due to my experiences I just heavily believe in a woman trusting her own body and intuition. I hope everything works out for you. I have been reading the weekly pregnancy book with my daughter (she'll be 1 on 8/23) and she kisses the baby in the book but when I show her my stomach and tell her baby in there she says uh-uh (the sound we make that means no) I though that was the cutest thing.She'll only be 18 months when this baby is born god willing everything works out with this pregnancy so I'm thinking it''ll be easier in the long run for her to adjust. I have the weirdest feeling that everything is not alright with this baby. I don;t remember if I felt this way with my daughter but I don't think so. It's probably because I haven't had my first appt yet. It is on 8/19. I just need to hear a heartbeat or something. Well I'll keep you guys posted. God Bless Sweeties :)


susan - August 9

hey everyone i went to the doctors today and he sent me to get a blood preg. test i will find the results out tomm. everyone pray for a yes. thanks


Amanda - August 10

Hey. I was just on google and I think I might be pregnant, so I found this and I read what you wrote. I am only 19 and I've never had a kid or anything before so I have no idea what to tell you. I just wanted to write and send some encouragement. Maybe try a different pregnancy test brand? I hope everything works out for you. Hey, at least you have a husband!!! <3


bambam10 - August 11

I don't know anything about NYC but my best friend couldn't get a positive Hpt untill she was almost three monthes into her pregnancy. If you beleive you are pregnant treat yourself like you are but try not to get emotionally involved untill you can confirm. I know that sounds impossible but I am in the same boat kind of. I can't even afoord an hpt untill friday to confirm what my fertility software sees as a pregnancy. This will be baby #4 if I am. I have noticed my nails look healthier lately as well and I am ga__sy and constipated with slight nausea and nipple tenderness from time to time. Talk to your hubby and see if he considers it important enough to spring for the bld test. Good luck.


crystal - August 16

hi i can understand what u are going thro have you tried going to a clinic they usally help people out in your situation i would try to find one in your area hun dont drive your self crazy like i m lol i think i may be pg but only about 3 weeks so have to wait so good luck


Jennifer - August 30

Hi everyone. I hope you're all still replying to this. I'm in a similar situation. I rarely feel nauseated, but my b___sts have increased in size (very noticable), and they have been tender for almost a month now, I think. I've had to urinate more frequently than usual, and I have a sore back and "round" look to my stomach. I've been really hungry but once I start eating the food, I feel queasy. I haven't been able to cook much, because the sight of raw meats, eggs, anything really get to me. My last period only lasted for a day and was really light. It's usually very heavy. I have taken 3 urine tests and one blood test and all have come out negative. Is it really possible that I could be pregnant? What should I do? Wait and see? I have a hard time getting comfortable when I'm sleeping, etc. My stomach feels "full" and my lower back really hurts. I feel so weirded out by this. My husband is convinced that I'm not pregnant, and was after the first negative. Help! My body is changing and I have no explanation for it!


Jennifer - August 30

I forgot to mention that I have also been "moodier" lately, and also very emotional. Usually I have no problem with this... but since these "symptoms" began... I haven't been as interested in intimacy, as usual. What are the chances that I'm pregnant? I'm 21 and never have been... so I'm not sure if I'd even know :(



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