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Jennifer - August 30

I forgot to mention that I have also been "moodier" lately, and also very emotional. Usually I have no problem with this... but since these "symptoms" began... I haven't been as interested in intimacy, as usual. What are the chances that I'm pregnant? I'm 21 and never have been... so I'm not sure if I'd even know :(


LINDSAY - September 1

Jennifer, Reading your inserpt sounds just like mine. My b___sts aren't really tender but they feel/look larger I am now 12 days late and have received a neg on 3 urine tests. I am pretty thin but lately I look as though i have a gut, my husband blew it off after the first neg but i know that something is going on with my body! I definately feel different. I am so glad that I am not alone in feeling this way. What should be the next step?


Jennifer - September 2

Hi Lindsay. Glad to know that I'm not alone in this! I don't know what advice to give you other than maybe get a blood test. There's a possibility that the hcg horomone is not strong enough to show up, even in a blood test... but it's more accurate than a blood test, I think. Everyone thinks that I'm pregnant but my husband. My mother keeps telling me that this is common. Pre-ejaculation causes a lot of pregnancies, and leaves the man feeling confused, because they don't feel it and have no control over it. If I'm not pregnant, I don't know what the heck is up with my body. I guess the only for sure way is to wait. Maybe I'll ask for an ultrasound when I visit the doctor next. Keep me posted, if you don't mind. Good luck.


Jennifer - September 2

"A blood test is more accurate than a URINE test." Woops :p


joey - September 2

Jennifer - I totally understand how u feel. I'm about 11 days late. Took a HPT on Sunday morning and was negative. Have lots of other symptoms except morning sickness. Just feel queasy at times that's all. I'll be going to the doctor for a urine/blood test on Monday to see if I'm really pregnant. Talking about men being confused about making their partner pregnant on pre-ejaculation. I think I'll be having some problems explaining to my partner if I really did get pregnant. The problem is we had a quickie the day before my calculated ovulation date (7th Aug) and he withdrew before he came. Then he went for a business trip and didn't come back home till a few days ago. If I did get pregnant based on that one little quickie, I think I'll be having some difficult time making him believe it. *LOL* If he dares to accuse me of having an affair, I'll drag him by his hair to get a paternity DNA test done! ;) Well, let's just see how things go at the doctor's. Hopefully, I'll get to hit the baby jackpot! Will continue to update here.


joey - September 3

I started bleeding early this morning. :( So I guess no luck for me. That would mean I'm not pregnant like I would have hoped. Sigh. Good luck to all the other women here. Hope they have better luck than I do! :) Thanks for listening everybody, though I'm not pregnant, I get to learn a lot of new things n knowledge this time round. So thanks all for sharing their experiences. You wonderful people have make it much easier to deal with all these stress n pressure. So thanks very much n bye!


Jennifer - September 3

Glad to know you feel more knowledgeable. Sorry that you aren't pregnant this time. Good luck in the future. I still haven't found out if I am or not, but I'm starting to doubt it. I got diagnosed with Clinical Depression, yesterday... so I think it's just taking a toll on my body. :( Well, wish me luck in getting happy, lol. Best of luck to all of you trying to get pregnant or figuring out if you are ::grin::


joey - September 3

Jennifer - Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm kind of feeling down right now. It's hard to go through days of waiting not knowing whether you might be pregnant or not n hoping that I'm actually am. I know I'm not suppose to get any hopes up, but the idea of have a little life growing inside of me is just... so wonderful! But alas, it was not meant to be... It gives me an idea of how other women who are trying to conceive, the mixed emotions/pain/frustration which they are going through. My bleeding looks very different from my normal period and I wonder if it's because I actually miscarried? Kind of a terrible feeling. Maybe I'm just being paranoid here. Hope everything turns out well for every women here, n for you too Jennifer!


nic - September 3

toyia-you have not posted in a few weeks. how did your 1st appt go? i read all your updates today. my neices r 14 months apart & r very close to one another. ok, my story...i have all the same symptoms you stated in the beginning. my husband & i have been ttc for about 1 yr now. my cylce has stretched from 28 days to 38 days now. i am on day 37 now & used opk this month which said i ovualted about 11 days ago. if true, i am due for my period on monday. several neg tests. but initially had a very faint pos. has this happened to anyone? i am hoping for the best. best of luck to all of you!!


Julie - September 7

I am in the same boat and going crazy, just ask my husband!! It has been 6+ weeks since last AF. I'm pretty very regular usually, haven't been on the pill for 5 years, and have never "missed" a period. We are not "trying" but also not trying to prevent pregnancy. Not knowing is DRIVING ME CRAZY! I have done about 6 hpts, negative and at 5 weeks a quant_tative blood test, negative. Can I still be pg? I have sore bbs, some nausea, haven't vomited, frequent urination and just feel generally bloated in the abdomen.


ayla - September 7

hi toyia, well right now im really not sure what's going on with me. I've been having the same symptoms, the sore b___sts(tingling) all of the ones you have listed. I took a hpt just 3 days ago and it came out positive. I'm still not sure so i have made an appointment at a clinic near by.


karina - September 29

Hi there! I found out that I'm pregnant, but I don't have health insurance. What should i do and who could I contact to get a health insurance. I'm latina and I didn't have any idea that is going to cost me too much money to have my baby since i dont have a health insurance. How can you help me. Thank you.



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