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jon140976 - May 20

Hello, my wife and I trying for our first child. Her periods havnt been regular recently but are nornally early...longest shes ever had to wait is 6 weeks which was 2 years ago. She last had a period on 29 March 08. On 20th April she had a very light discharge, extremely light...we both agree it couldnt have been a period and it fitted the descriptions given of spotting. She was then due to have her next period on 26th April. She is now 23 days late and has no signs of starting her period. On 22nd April she had 2 or 3 days of sickness and has had occasional feelings of nausia since. She had a fews days of tender br___t, though this has gone now...she has had a few occasions of a metalic taste in her mouth, last being at weekend just gone. She has also been urinating more (though having given up the booze and recent hot weather has been drinking more squash) and also been feeling a lot more tired (especially last 2 or 3 days....although we have been working in the garden she does appear completely knackered a lot of the time. The thing is she has taken several pregnancy tests at home and all clearly show negative. We had read several things on different web sites...ie often getting false negatives but never false positives. Also that they arent very accurate or reliable on many occasions and also that they often wont show up until at least 6-8 weeks pregnant...maybe longer. I know they test hCG in the urine. We are confused and frustrated by this. She had made a doctors appointment but cant get to see her doctor until 13th June. We would appreciate your thoughts, suggestions, experiences, comments and advice.


Naomi98 - May 20

Well the symptoms certainly sound good, especially the spotting, but it's hard to tell when her cycle is so irregular. But even with the negative home pregnancy tests, it's still possible. It takes some women longer to build up decent levels of hcg in their system. I can understand your frustration but I don't think you have any choice but to wait it out for the blood test. I'd just warn to be cautious - we've all had a few 'this could be it' months and it can be devastating if that's not the case. Having said that, as long as there's no period there's still hope. Well done for taking such an interest in your wife's cycles - my husband wouldn't be able to write a post like that about my cycles, that's for sure! Good luck to you both!



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