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Jo - May 27

I am having severe nausea, so much that I cant even take water in...I am 5 weeks pregnant. CAn anyone tell me why so severe and how will i provide nourishment to my baby if I cant even digest water. Please suggest!!!


To jo - May 27

As hcg levels rise some women get nausea really bad.Don't worry your baby is fine. Try eating saltines before getting out of bed. or drinking ginger tea. I never thought my nausea was gonna end either. I had it untill my 17 week.it will ease up. Oh the joy's of pregnancy. If it gets to bad. Call your doctor.


? - May 27

What are saltines?


Chriss - May 27

Jo, Saltines are premium plus crackers. They say that if the nausea gets really severe you should see your Dr. you dont' want to get dehydrated. Good luck to you!!


To pregnant Jo - May 27

Well, it's horrible but at least you know that the pregnancy is progressing nicely..I'd see a doctor though, if you can't hold down water, because not only does your baby need fluids and food but so do you!


kim - May 27

To be sick when your pregnant is very normal, but to never hold anything down is not normal. You need to seek your Dr's. advice. You and your baby can become ill if you are not getting enough nurishment. Do you take a pernatal vitamin? If so, they would make me sick all day, so I started taking them at night when I would sleep through it. Crakers are a good idea, but never help completely. Get extra rest and try eating six small meals a day rather then three bigger meals, this helps your stomach from being empty and giving you that nauseated feeling from not having food in your stomach. Stay away form spicy foods they can upset the acids in your stomach even more then pregnancy does.


jen - May 27

not to freak you out. but i have 2 friends who were pregnant with twins, didnt know it, but were as sick as you are describing. when went to dr. they were told with twins!


Hi, - May 29

Eat some crackers and drink the water slowly. Call your doctor. Good luck


Melissa - June 2

If you are vomiting so severe and for long periods, I would go to the doctor asap if i were you. You might need an IV so you can be re-hydrated. There is a medical term for when you are vomiting so severely called hyperemesis. Get it checked out. I work in an emergency room at a hospital and girls get admitted for severe cases.



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