Urine Colour A Sign

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carrie - June 23

I'm on cd25 and hoping to be pg. Haven't had any symptoms til today when I've noticed my urine is quite a bright yellow (sorry!) I drink lots of water so it's usually really pale. Does anyone know if this could be a sign of pg? Thanks....!


bump - June 23



Alexandria - June 23

Yes my urine is very dark too it's very yellow and I drink lots of water so I don't know why this is happening. Other signs I have are a missed period and very sore b___bs for over a month,tiredness, nausea and I had a runny/stuffy nose that lasted over 3 weeks but is gone now. I'm going to test soon.


clover - June 23

well when i was pregnant my urine was bright yellow,i was having a boy,girls are usually dull in color


shannon - June 23

mine is bright yellow too and even after drinking water its still bit bright,gona test friday


carrie - June 23

thanks for your answers everyone! Clover - that's very interesting - I've never heard that b4! I'll keep my fingers crossed it's a good sign...


ms - June 23

yes my urine has also been coming out a bright yellow and i was supposed to get my period on june 21st, but i don't see any sign of it now. Please let me know all of your results.


clover - June 23

I know that seems tooo weird,i thought that at first too,one of my friends was pregnant around the same time she was having a girl,her urine was a dull dark yellow,we went to the same doctor office,carrie let me know when you find out what you are having


Amy - June 23

well really don't know but i'm 5w5d and my pee is dark yellow all the time


k - June 24

i hear that the bright yellow and at times dark yellow urine is from vitamins-regardless of if we are pregnant or not.


carrie - June 24

well I've recently started taking folic acid so I don't know if that's got anything to do with the change in colour? I'm really hoping it's a pg sign! This morning I thought AF was here a day or two early but it's watery brown - like the end of it?


JuliP - July 29

I had my first iui 6 days ago. My breasts have been sore the past 3 days and my urine is now bright yellow. Along with slight cramps in my uterus. Very minor, more like an occasional pinch. I have been taking folic acid for 4 months since I've been ttc and I've never had yellow urine. I drink lots of water too. I'm hoping this is a good sign that I may be pregnant. Any ideas? 



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