Urine Pregnancy Tests Are Very Unreliable Here Is My Story

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alisha - April 6

my lmp was jan 16/05 and i have not had a period since, however i am 24 and have been dealing with PCOS ever since i was 13. i felt like i was pregnant but every hpt and urine test from the doc's office was negative even real sensitive tests, it was not until today i got postive test result at the doctors and she did a pelvic exam and said i was between 2 to 3 months pregnant and i have an ultrasound next thursday, so all you ladies that are having signs believe your bodies, because these urine tests can give false negatives. I had a lot of blue veins on my chest, neck, and sides of my lower stomach, headaches, period like cramps, and br___t and nipple tenderness and a lot of white/clear cm but i had no morning sickness or nausea at all !!! best of luck


Jessica - April 6

congratulations Alisha! have a happy and healthy pregnancy. and thanks for giving me hope i started to belive that i was goin crazy lol. i guess i will just have to trust my instincts.


jayana - April 6

what is PCOS?


to alisha - April 6

Congratulations!!!!! Best of luck to you! jayana, pcos=polycystic ovarian syndrome, it interferes w/ ovulation and cause irregular periods.


kat - April 6

congratualatios and thanks for giving some of us girls hope,it shows we arent all crazy for thinking we are preggo with neg hpt! lol!


amy - April 6

thanks! i am 28 yrs old & have the same problems..hopefully things work out .. me& my boyfriend have been trying 4 3to4 months..still been getting


amy - April 6

negative...it's very upsetting.. i'm really frustrated...but ,i feel at ease now i know i'm not alone...thanks for your in putt


amy - April 6

good luck Alisha


bump - April 8

I thought maybe someone out there needed some more hope.


tal - April 9

congratulations Alisha ! and thank you, you give us a bit ligh .this is my problem i'm 2 weeks late and 3 negativ hpt tests. waiting for results from my blood test.


kelly - April 9

wow, thanks for that...i've taken 3 tests so far, all negative, and i'm having definite symptoms, minus the nausea, and no implantation bleeding or anything like that. good luck!



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