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hazel - May 17

Hi ladies! Has anyone ever gotten a negative urine test from the doctor's office and still ended up being pregnant?


hazel - May 17

I'm just wondering because I got several positive HPTs and then today I went to the doctor and the urine test they gave me came up negative! I don't know what to think..


Grandpa Viv - May 17

The doctor probably uses a urine test that is less sensitive than those in the store - she would prefer to be right than sorry. The time of day can make a difference, too. If you get a negative on first morning urine when AF is one week late, the chances are going down fast. If you get a negative when a second period is late, it is time to ask the doc what else might be going on.


hazel - May 18

Should I get a blood test done, or a__sume I'm not pregnant?


BrendaW - May 18

no if you have had several hpts that were positive you should a__sume you are pregnant. Dont take anything you shouldnt or drink or anything. How late are you? I think you should do a blood test. Good Luck


Emma2 - May 18

Get a blood test ...drs. use the same tests you find in a drug store....


tas - May 18

when did you test and when did the doctor test you that will make a difference.


hazel - May 18

I tested in the morning with fmu and the urine test at the doctor's was done in the late afternoon...does that make much of a difference?


BrendaW - May 18

How far along would you be? If you are barely late and they are using a "normal" test then yes that could be because it was in the afternoon. There may not have been enough time for the HCG to collect in your urine


susanmains - May 19

with my first daughter i had taken one at home it came out positive but went to the doctor the next day , theirs came out negative, i made them do a blood test and it came out positive, so have them do a blood test it is usually better. good luck


hazel - May 20

Brenda - I'm a week and a half late for my period, but I did have a little brown/pink spotting about a week ago.



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