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resaboo - January 26

Hey girl, where you been, better yet where have I been. I've been doing so much running around these past couple of days, I've missed you. Talk to you in the chat will be on..... NO AF yet and no BFP 15dpo but havent tested since wed 13DPO


ursula - January 26

woman?! Me? No, where have you been??? haha I was worried about you! I was hoping you hadn't falled off the face of the earth. Man, dang BFN!! That is so fair. I can't believe neither have shown yet, grrrrr. I posted a message to you the other day, but never got a response back. Well, I can't figure what is going on.My temps are completely erratic and I have been temping at the same time every day. I've been doing OPK's to and know O yet. I am worried I am a late O'er. I still am hoping to get it by Monday though. We'll see. hehe I am surprised DH doesn't smack me considering my alarm goes off at 5:30 am so I can temp and he does wake up till 7 am. lol. I have alot of running around to do today. My MIL needs me to run her to a bunch of errands. I will try to check back tonight. I am glad you are doing well, girlie. Anyway, I'll check back on chat tonight. bye for now!


ursula - January 26

Resa, I'm looking for you on chillaxion, girl. where you at???


resaboo - January 27

Ursula, I am so sorry I left a message with Ressie to let you know I probably wasn't gonna be able to be online last night but she may of forgot to tell you or she may not have been on. But I will be on this afternoon but probably not tonight either. i meant to leave a post here so you would know!!!!! TTYL


ursula - January 27

Resa, that's alright! No problem. I woke up this morning to temp and haven't fallen back asleep yet. oh well. I don't know when I will be on again today. I don't think I will tonight. It's my b-day so I think DH has something planned. hehe. Hope you are doing well. Catch up with you soon!


resaboo - January 28

Well Happy Birthday Ursula!!!! I will be online today for awhile, just check the chat I will leave me signed in.....TTYL


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 28

hey resa i am in chat you are not talking.



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