Using Opk Tests As Preggy Tests

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Dionne - December 18

Has anyone done this, and if so and you were in fact pregnant , was the result line darker that the main line. I'm only asking as I'm due to test soon and have a few opk tests left over.


Lin - December 18

How exactly would you propose to use them as pregnancy tests? To my knowledge, there is no correlation between LH and pregnancy.


Jenny - December 18

If you go to there is a ladie who was pg and used both pg test and opk to test. On like 15 dpo she did get a + for both her pg test and opk test. Hope this helps


Dionne - December 19

Hi Jenny, thanks for that, have searched, pretty cool stuff there. Hi Lin I've been searching the net and there have been alot of ladies who have used opks along side with pg tests and have gotten bfp's on both. I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any ladies here that might have tested with opks and got a pos and were in fact preggy as I've got opks left.


Dionne - December 19

Sorry, also I no longer need them as I've bought an saliva test.


Deb - December 19

I used one after I got my BFP just to see if it would work and it did. I don't remember if the line was darker, but I don't think that matters, only that there is a line.


Dionne - December 19

Thankyou Deb :-))


me - December 19

To be specific, HPTs have the ability to detect both HCG and LH since they are similar in molecular structure. However, OPKs are not supposed to detect HCG because HCG has another molecule which makes it different than LH. When testing, use an HPT. An OPK will not be accurate for detecting pregnancy. I would recommend using the test for what they are supposed to be used for. Just another opinion. Good luck!


Dionne - December 19

Thankyou very much for that me. I just thought if I run out of hpt tests after a bfp (you know how some woman like to see the line get darker, well I'm one of I could use the opk tests I have leftover.


Dionne - January 10

Hi ladies. I thought I'd bump this post up just to let you's know I got my bfp using a hpt test, then thought I'd try an opk test that I had leftover, the test line come out much darker than the control line. So I just answered my own question. Thankyou very much ladies for your help though. Cheers.


jeanette - January 10

LOL Dionne! Ya proved a point!! CONGRATS!!


Dionne - January 10

Thanks Jeanette.....hehehehe!!!!



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