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Lin - March 29

Let's start this over again. I think this is important, so I'll repeat it. If you disagree, then feel free to do so as long as you leave out any personal attacks. This information is intended solely for the benefit of the forum. Let's start this thread over. ----- Since most ladies who use this forum don't seem to be frequent web forum users, I figured that a post on standard forum etiquette is in order. Maybe I've just been spoiled, because the main forum I usually frequent has excellent moderators, but the moderation on this site is sincerely lacking. I'm used to seeing similar threads merged to avoid redundancy, but here the same questions just get posted again and again ad infinitum. Anyway, it is common web forum etiquette to use the search function before asking questions, because the answers are often already there. I have found myself ignoring them at times, because I've typed big, long replies to the exact same question several times before, as have others. There is so much information already on this site, and it's a shame to see that people aren't actually benefiting from what's already there. Questions can be very easily answered with a simple search first (with the search box at the top of the page). This saves others from typing the same thing over and over. If you haven't found the answer with a search or your question is more specific, then post your question. Anyway, I'm not downing on anyone for not knowing this - just passing on the information in an attempt to get rid of some of the redundancy on this site. Baby dust to everyone!


Lin - March 29

Damn, I meant to say SEARCH FUNCTION, not forum. Duh.


Emma2 - March 29



oz - March 30

i read the other post and got a little scared :) I must be honest and admit i never even took any notice of the search function so i have to say thanks lin for pointing it out.


lawgirl29 - March 30

I too like the search function. It is kind of obscure at the top of the page though so thanks for point it out to everyone Lin! I think its quite helpful and, you're right, there is a ton of info. already on here. Baby dust! (update: still no AF for me. too cheap to take a blood test. but I don't think I'm preggers so . . yeah. I'll report anything different. =))


Lin - March 30

Good luck, lawgirl! How many dpo?



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