Usual Breast Soreness Isn T Here

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lauralove1987 - February 16

Hi everyone, I'm kind of perplexed at the moment. You see, my br___ts always get sore before my period...they've done this every single cycle for the past 3 or so years. I'm very regular...always 27 days. This cycle, my br___ts are as happy as can be. No soreness in sight, and my period is due in a week (they'd always get sore starting 2 weeks before my period is due). Another odd thing is my BBT chart this cycle. I got the elevated temps for 3 days after ovulation, then a sudden sharp increase, and now there is a sharp decline (it doesn't go past the cover line). I think it's too soon to tell anything from this, but it's still odd. Can anyone please tell me what they make of this??


anoble - February 16

my b___bs are sore all the time and durring my 2ww i had no b___st soreness at all. im cd27 and 15dpo. i have a 25 day cycle so technically im late. that was my first indication that i just might be. but i tested and got a bfn, but i will rest again in a few days to see if anything has changed. i have had no spotting just a feeling of wetness like af is here but when i look, i see nothing.


Deb - February 16

My b___bs were sore every month as well. The month I got pregnant, they did not get sore. Right around the time AF was due, just my nipples got sensitive, so this could be a sign. I can't help you with the temps though, because I never temped myself. Good luck!


lauralove1987 - February 16

Thank you both so much! I'll keep my fingers crossed :)


Lin - February 17

I hate to be negative, but I've had so many huge changes from normal and haven't been pregnant yet in my 5 months of trying (though I'm only 4 dpo on month 5). I've never in my life had cramps any earlier than the day that AF arrives, and last month I had cramps for two weeks. Not pregnant. I've had triphasic charts twice out of three charts temping and have had a big dip during one of those. Not pregnant. Honestly, I do hate to be a downer, but I don't think anymore that there's any sense in trying to a___lyze that stuff ahead of the time. Good luck, though!


lauralove1987 - February 17

Thanks, Lin. Yeah, that's kind of where I'm at right now. I'm trying not to get too excited because I've also had other instances in which I was so sure I was pregnant, but it turned out I definitely wasn't. All I can do is wait and see...



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