Uterine Polyps Help

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Tlr - December 5

Hi. I just found out today that my best friend has uterine polyps and very few follicles in ovaries. Her RE is going to sit down and go over everything with her tomorrow, but I was wondering if anybody knew anything about this..she is 34 and trying for her first. I just got my bfp and I hate to tell her...:0( Thanks everyone for listening.


Dionne - December 5

Hi Tlr. I found out that I had polyps with my 3rd baby at 9wks pregnant. I bled red blood, doctor said that they'd cut it out when I had baby, but they never did. With my 4th baby there was no sign of it, had no bleeding, so I'm just a__suming that it come away by itself. I hope I helped in some way, I know thats a very scary thing. Gave me a heck of a fright.


tlr - December 5

thanks Dionne, I just feel so bad for her. Do you think they will cut the polyps out before they try to help her get pregnant. The Dr was talking about invetro but I think polyps might not let the egg implant? Thanks for you help, that gives me some hope for her. I just feel bad about being pregnant and she is struggling.


Dionne - December 5

Gee, I don't know what they'll do, I'd say they'd have to cut it out to give her more of a chance of conceiving. From what my doctor told me about polyps is that its a piece of skin hanging from your uterus....don't quote me on that though as it was 6-7yrs ago now. Please keep me updated on how everything goes with your friend, and I think she is so lucky to have such a caring friend as you.


AMY P - December 5

if they remove the polyps she may be able to conceive on her own? it may be preventing her from conceiving...congrats on your BFP!!!


Tlr - December 5

thanks Amy P. What does the few follicles mean? Do you think if they give her FSH she will be able to make some more? Thanks for all the advice.


amy p - December 5

some women as they get older (which i know 35 isnt too old but everyones body is different) tends to slow down on all production it may be that she needs a little hormone to jump start her again. but getting those polyps removed are important and i think any doctor would want to remove them before she became pg..



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