Uterus Question Grandpa Viv And Anyone Else

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hello - May 13

i have for the past week had a "hot" sensation in my uterus area (lower abdomen). It is fairly constant. My last af started april 26, but didn't really kick in until the following day. it lasted the regular 6-7 days (with much less cramping than usual). HOwever on the 21 of april i had brown spotting in the afternoon. my period prior to that was about 5 days later than normal and only lasted 3 days. I realized that for february my dh and i bd when i was fertile, however, he withdrew ( not 100% safe). In february i had this weird tingling feeling in my whole body - something felt different. i have gained 5 pounds since feb. i have veins in my groin area and vague ones on the sides of my belly. i have had a few dizzy spells (in march) on and off nausea. i also got what i thought was the flue, sniffly nose, extremly weak and fatigued. also i have had headaches for the past month, which i usually don't have. what are your thoughts on this - should i wait to see how this cycle ends? I am currently mostly concerend with the odd feeling in the area of my cervix/uterus. Is that something that pregnant women experience? I did have a preg test at planned parenthood over 3 weeks ago and it was neg. puh, that was alot, but i am beginning to feel concerend. so any input anyone?????


hello - May 13

forgot to add that i don't think that i ovulated last month. i am also uncertain what is happening this month. i can usually feel when i ovulate. i have also been extremly moody. now i think that is it!! :~) any thoughts???


Maggie - May 13

Did planned parenthood do a pelvic exam? I don't want to alarm you, but it sounds to me like you may have miscarried. I would make an OB/GYN appoint. a.s.a.p. It could very well be that your cycle is flipping out a bit. However, I would not take the chance b/c if you did concieve in feb., and miscarried at the end of april, if you needed a D&C and did not get one you are very susceptible to infection. I'll pray for you, and hope everything works out.


Grandpa Viv - May 13

This is complicated enough I think the question belongs in a doctor's office. I have never seen anyone describe a "hot" feeling like that. Check your temp and see if you are running a low fever.


lee - May 13

If I were you I would get into docs right away. My friend had similar symptoms and it ended up she had a horrible PID.


hello - May 13

thank you for all your responses. i will make an appointment with my doctor on monday. by the way, what is a PID?


hello - May 13

i just looked up PID, and it sounds like that would be unusual - i am sure i don't have an std that could cause it. but it also said that you can get an PID even without an std.... well, i am convinced, i should not wait out the cycle but go asap. thank you again for your help.



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