Uterus Stretching

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hi - May 15

some women talk about the uterus stretching - can someone please explaine that feeling. how is it different to a regular cramp?


jena - May 15

it's really a strange feeling - I could really only describe it as though there was a balloon in me that someone was b__wing up. it doesn't hurt like a cramp, but feels like you are bloated beyond capacity and your body is stretching because of that...


hi - May 16

thank you jena for your reply - anyone else who would like to describe the feeling?


bump - May 16



BUMP - May 16



BL - May 16

Yes Jena is right it does feel like you are really bloated. Sometimes I have to rub my stomach to make it feel better.


Hi, - May 16

It feel like twinges. Twinges are some what uncomfortable. More like cramps that won't go away. It also has a pulling and tugging feel. Good Luck


heidi - May 17

and how soon would it be that you start feeling that?


kim - May 17

how soon after conception---right away or after weeks---months---?????


bump - May 17

please when does it start stretching?


Jules - May 17

Hey ladies - the tugging feeling pretty much sums it up. It's not painful realy - it's just a bit of a dull tug that you become aware of and sometimes you automatically want to rub it to "make it better". For me, these twinges started just a few days after conception. I knew they weren't pre-AF cramps cos I never get them anyway - but they were intense enough for me to notice them and know that they were different. Very low down, above the pubic bone. And I do remember one or two very quick sharp pains there - but that was it. 6 weeks into the game and it's still stretching! All the best to you xxxxx


hi - May 17

thank you for the replies! now, when does the uterus start streching and how long to you feel this? Is it all through the pregnancy or..... also do you feel it all the time or does it come and go? could it be possible to feel it for a couple of days and then nothing for a week and then it is back? Thank you again in advance!!


vanessa - May 17

Yes this feeling does come and go. I have had a couple of days where I was in pain (very mild tugging and twinging) all day and then I won't feel it again for a week. It's more of a feeling of stretching and pulling - it makes me feel a bit uneasy sometimes since this is my first. It's totally normal and will happen throughout the entire pregnancy. I am just over 8 weeks and they really started strong around 6. Hope this helps you!


hi - May 17

thank you, it did! good luck to you!


RosieR1 - November 15

Yea... i think i can answer this question also.... this is my 1st prregnancy and it actually feels like someone's pulling back on a sling shot this feeling does come and go and sometimes it can last all day! i am 15 weeks and good luck to all the new pregnant woman


missmissy - November 15

I am 7 weeks pregnant and have been having uterus stretches. Feels like a twinge every now and then, not painful just like a pull?!



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