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Brittney26 - June 29

Hi i just have a question for you all i have had a bladder infection for about 2 months and have not yet gone to a doctor however i am next week. But i was wondering sice this is going to be the 4th of july weekend i wanted to drink some beers you know. Would drinking hurt me since i have had this so long. i mean its to the point where its starting to hurt so am i safe to drink with a uti??? Thanks


j. - June 29

all i know is that beer gives so many women uti. must be the yeast!! stay away from beer!!


j. - June 29

out of curiousity.....why'd u wait so long to see a doc?


Brittney26 - June 29

I waited so long because i didnt know what it was or what was wrong so i just left it alone hoping it would go away. i started having stomach pains . Thanks for letting me know now that i have read your post im pretty bumed out now. but thats alright i'll just have to get over it. thanks everyone.


Brittney26 - June 29

so what about hard A.??? you think thats okay?


sarahd - June 29

HI Brittney, The problem w/drinking is that your kidneys have to filter all the toxins out. If you've had a uti for so long, it's possible your kidneys could already be, or become infected as well. I'd think any kind of drinking would affect you badly right now. Sorry hon! Get on some antibiotics right away! I just went through a uti experience about a month and a half ago - I feel your pain!


Keeli - June 29

Drinking would definitely hurt, I'm sorry to say. Alcohol sucks fluids out of your body, like caffeine. Your body needs LOTS of fluids to fight this infection. You should drink lots and lots and lots of juice and water. Cranberry juice is the best. I've fought many UTIs with just cranberry juice. I do recommend seeing a doctor since it has lasted sooo long!


akm - June 29

I've had a lot of trouble with UTI's... I was getting them constantly, once a month or more. They only got worse without going to the dr, I ended up getting kidney infections and being soooo sick. Definitly see a dr as soon as you get one. I had to see a specialist and get a prescription for some antibiotics that I could take whenever I feel one coming on. While I have UTI, especially one that's being going on a while, I do try to avoid alcohol since it certainly doesn't help. But, if you go to the dr asap and get some antibiotics then you'll be fine to drink by the 4th for sure. It usually only takes a day or two to clear up. Good luck


Emma2 - June 29

Keeli is right. You have to drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is also good to fight certain types of cancer.


Emma2 - June 29

Oh and 2 months is a pretty long time to have it without threating it. I do not know the reprocussions of waiting that long but it cant be good whatsoever.


Emma2 - June 29



slowpoke01 - June 30

also brittney my sister gets them all the time and there are some pills at wal mart called AZO (specifically for UTI) that she takes when she first feels them coming on and they go away in a day or 2 but i would go to the doc first since it has been that long and next time you feel one coming go get some AZO's they also have cranberry AZO if you dont like cranberry juice


mandyt - June 30

I just had a UTI and I fought it by taking a shot of lemon juice in the morn and another at nite (so I was getting about 3 oz of lemon juice a day). If you can't do a shot of it you can mix the lemon juice with water so you can drink it...but you can't add anything to it but the water...no surgar or nothing...also I drank a 48 oz bottle of cranberry jucie every two days and 2 to 3 gallons of water a day (I do that anyway, lol). You will pee like crazy...but you will eventually feel better...I would still go the doc tho and get some antibiotics...take those and keep up with the lemon juice and the cranberry :). I am not drinking at minium 4 oz of cranberry juice a day :) to keep it from coming back..good luck to ya


Brittney26 - July 1

Thank you everyone for helping me out. I still havent seen a doctor i have to wait untill monday. :( so i guess no drinking with everyone this 4th of july weekend. (d__n and i was really lookng forward to it. lol) it sucks but i would rather not have something happed to me you know? Since i have had this UTI for so long it scares me a little.I really appricate all of your responses you all have helped me a ton. thank you.


Brittney26 - July 7

Hey everyone its brittney i have a question with a UTI do you get cramps that feel like period cramps because i have been getting sick to my stomach and cramping for the last 2 weeks. i dont know is this normal whenyou have a UTI?? thank you in advance.



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