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Leah - April 26

Here it is... another cycle... and AF is two days late! I'm not giving into her this time and wasting my time and money peeing on a stick that will just turn out BFN! Who else out there is with me? Who REFUSES to let her trick us again? I hate her.... but I love all of you gals!! :)


Meghan - April 26

ME! I am sick of it! I am about 2 days late, and I was sooo close to going out and getting a CVS digital test, but I am going to resist! I am 16 DPO, so I will try and wait until Thurs or Friday to test, b/c I have never been that late past ovulation b4. My cycle has gone to 36 days, but only 15 DPO. I am trying NOT to freak out but it's HARD! So we're in the same boat!


bump - April 26

bump it up!


Jenice - April 26

I am so with you!!! I figure, I'll do the doctor appointment thing if af gets really late, but then screw it. I'll just wait. And if a baby pops out, all the better, right? :o)


vanessa - April 26

Jenice - LMAO!! I am in the boat with you gals. AF was to rear her UGLY head on Sunday (4/24) but she didn't show up. I was thinking I was pregnant last month due to major b___sts changes but... Nope. She showed... and RIGHT on time. Being late this month doesn't convince me because I know what a sneaky b___h she can be. I've been working out a lot... that's probably my reason for being late. I REFUSE also to pee on money this month!!!


Meghan - April 26

I keep getting cramps and thinking it's it, I am so afraid of AF! Keep eachother posted, OK?


Kimberly - April 26

OMG....I love you girls. A good laugh is just what I need while waiting..... I'm with yall!! Too bad we cant gang up on her!! That would teach her to stay away from us!!


Caitlin - April 26

I totally agree. This is my first time posting, but my 5th time through the cycle of waiting and thinking 'this is it!'. I am holding off on the tests because I feel like such an idiot everytime it comes back BFN. I pretend I know it will be BFN (so as not to get my hopes up) but everytime - whammo! UUUUUGGGHHH! is right!


TTC - April 26

I agree girls!!! I hate AF!!! She needs to stay away for a long time!! ***Baby dust***


Lisa - April 26

I'm waiting too! "She" is three days late and I'm having cramps, cramps, cramps. Dry as a bone though. Go away AF -- I will KILL YOU!!! ;)


Leah - April 27

Anyone wake up to our favorite aunt this morning? I'm hoping not. I didn't BUT I have cramps like she's going to show up at any moment today. Ughhh. :(


Meghan - April 27

I have been having cramps since last Friday but nothing! I can't belive it's 17 DPO.I almost broke down and took a hpt this morning, but I am going to resist (try to) until tomorrow morning. THis is the longest I have gone DPO w.out AF. I feel fine this morning, kinda tired, and b___sts are sore but not greatly. We'll see, let me know if any of you are testing today or sometime soon!


caitlin - April 27

I am 16 dpo; AF due today. I have been cramping on and off (not every day, more like every other day) for over a week now. Not sure what is going on. Yesterday I was positive AF was coming, but nothing yet. I am sure she will show up just as I suspect a pregnancy and break down and buy the test! My temps are still pretty high for me, though. Does anyone know if your temp. dips before AF (if so, how long before) or just when AF comes (day of)?


Meghan - April 27

Yes, there are two times I think your temp dips: the day before your period and the day of implantation. its funny you should say that about the cramping on and off, I have had the same thing. It's so weird b/c I was CONVICNCED I wasn't preg this month b/c the dr told me it was almost impossible b/c the Clomd dried me up so much. I don't know how his sperm lived without any cm, so that is why I am skeptical. And another thing about the temps, the rule of thumb is if they stay high for 18 DPO you are almost def. pregnant! So 2 more days to go for you!


Meghan - April 27

Ok,I can't take it, I bought a CVS test and I am going to do it now...I'll let you know the results!


Meghan - April 27

I just took it and it was POSITIVE after 30 seconds! I called mr dr and I have an appt for tomorrow morn to confirm.AHHHHHHHHHHHH I highly reccommend CVS digital!! AHHHH


Jenice - April 27

Meghan---CONGRATULATIONS!!!! (Although I do have to admit a part of me is saying "boo on you" because I want a big fat positive!) But never mind that...I'm honestly tickled pink for you! (And maybe my turn will come if I keep on waiting, right????!) :o)



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