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NeedHelp - October 28

Me and my husband are trying for baby. After 12 days of my last period, i found my va___al discharge with light red colour. I am very much worried....if that means.....we are unscuccessful in our attempt??


YOURANSWER - October 28



Viv - October 28

If that was Day 19 of your cycle (12 days after the end of a 7 day period) then you should be hoping the light red was implantation spotting. You would get at least a few symptoms of early pregnancy in the next day or two. I guess you know that it often takes 4 to 12 months of trying, so if this isn't it, just be patient. Take a test a week after a missed period. We are hoping for you.


Jodie - October 28

I am in the same position. Yesterday I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there were 2 spota of pink stuff and then the other day there was a clot. Who knows,hopefully we are pregnant. What was your spotting like? Was it like what I described?


NeedHelp - October 29

Thank you very much Viv. But i have another question for you. Does everybody takes 4 to 12 months of trying to conceive. Because this is my first try and I'm very much hopeful.


NeedHelp - October 29

Hi Jodie. It was not exactly spotting for me. the red colour was combined with the v____al discharge. Each time, i wipe, i see this pinkish discharge. And i never saw clots. Whatever...hope for the positive!!!


Jodie - October 29

So back onto the discharge! LOL!!! Anyhow. Today the discharge was like you would have with a yeast infection,like cottage cheese. But no infection. thedr. said that it could have been rom the meds I used last week. It wasa v____al cream. The only thing isis that the stuff coming out is pink. Have any of you ladies had this as a symptom? Could the pink be implantation? Is this the type of discharge you get while you are prego? Thanks...


Jodie - October 29

I will post this again. PLEASE HELP...... I wiped today after using the bathroom only to find big clumps od discharge. I donot have a yeast infection.I called the dr. and she said it possibly could be the meds that i used last week for a infection just coming out of me. Is this something that you get in early pregnancy? It also had a pink tint to it. Also I have been getting a lot of watery discharge. I am hoping these are signs i may be pregnant....thanks!!!


stephanie - October 30

I'm five days late so I a test negative. But durning s_x he had blood on his p___s. After s_x my peroid still did'nt come down. Could someone me



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