Vaginal Discharge Really Wet

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wondering - October 8

I had my period on Sept. 21. Ovulated from sometime between the 28-3. On the 6th I had alot of white creamy discharge(like lotion, did not smell and forsure it is not an infection!). I have never had this before and now it is 5dpo's and I still have a wet feeling. Could this be a sign of pregnancy. Has anyone ever had this. I do not remember this with my first 2.


Erin - October 8

Not sure! I've heard it could be...'m having the same thing. From about 5 DPO and I still have it (11DPO today). It's just lots and lots a of creamy/lotion-like CM. I don't remember with my first, but I know that I haven't had this in previous months. Are you TTC? This is my first month trying. Good luck to you! Keep me posted and I'll let you know what happens with me as well.


***** - October 9

Yes I have it too, I am 3 days late but mine is not milky its clear and my knockers always feel wet. It's so embarra__sing as I went to have my bikini line done, I had to take a spare set of knickers. Hmmm I wonder what it is!


eyebeeablessing2u - October 9

When pregnancy occurs, the cervix begins producing a mucus plug, which produces a lot of white creamy cervical fluid. When first pregnant, the fluid may be dry, or you may notice a little more creamy fluid. Usually when menstruation draws near, the fluid will take on a more creamy/watery appearance. When pregnant it will be more whitish or yellowish from the web site-


rose - October 11

I am trying to figure out what this is too! I had a period on 9-1. It was my fisrt period after delivering my baby 6-23-04. It was a very light period. I was due around the first of October to have my period again and it never came. I have been bloated and crampy for the last few days and I have had a TON of white,jelly/creamy type fluid flowing out of me. ?when I walk ?I feel it falling out of me. What coulkd this be? Ovulation? Can I ovulate if I missed my period? If anone has comeents on this please let me know.


Michelle - October 13

I haven't had my period in 31 days (the past 2 months I've been irregular). Today I noticed some discharge and I have this "wet feeling" almost like when you're having your period but nothing red or pink, just clear. I don't remember seeing any visual ovulation signs a couple weeks ago. Could it be that I'm ovulating late? We are TTC and I'm hesitant to get my hopes that this month could be the one.


Kelly - October 14

how would u know if your discharge is a sign of infection or not?????????


Erin - October 14

If it's an infection it will most likely burn, itch, or have a smell. If you are unsure, your doc will know. :)


tequania - July 13

Hi me and my man have been TTC and we are late. After Today July 13th would make it day 3 . I have not had no signs of pregnancy occurring but I have felt inside my vagina it's real wet and come out yellowish on tissue but look milky white on my fingers. I don't wanna get my hopes up high just yet so I'm thinking I'm going to wait another week from now to test or what should I do any help??


Grandpa Viv - July 13

Tequania, lotion discharge is a frequent early sign. Usually there are others. Why not test this weekend using first morning Pee and repeat a week later if still in doubt. Best of luck!


tequania - July 13

I have been checking and it do seem to be lotion like


Berry500 - August 26

After undeRgoing a d and c ,had heavy flow tWo weeks later which lasted for a day.i menstruated 31st of july,i then squeesed my nipple today and noticed a clear fluid does it mean am pregnant??????

my lower abdomen hurts too am i still pregnant?!???


Grandpa Viv - August 27

Berry, there is little chance that the D and C was not successful. Run a couple of home pregnancy tests at one week intervals to make sure your hCG hormone levels are dropping. Call the clinic if you think you have an infection down there from retained products. 



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