Vaginal Discharge Slightly Colored

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Kelleyb - January 17

I hate to provide too much info. but I'm curious if anyone has experienced the stringy, egglike discharge, but with a slight color to it. I had some today that was a slight reddish/brownish. I believe I ovulated between the 12 and 15 and did not know if this could be implantation bleeding. I mean I am not bleeding, but wondering if the slight color in discharge is from that . I do realize that majority of women do not have implantation bleeding, but was just wondering if it were a possibility. Thank and best of luck to all!


sarahd - January 17

Sounds like it could still be O spotting - I'm pretty sure that can happen up to a few days after O. Good luck!


[email protected] - January 17

Hi Kelleyb. Not sure what it is as I have had something like that to. I think I ovulated between the 5-8, as af is not so consistant. Jan 10 I had lots of cm that was thick egglike with watery pink blood. Then the same thing not so much in Jan 13. On Jan 8 I had spots of blood, that when I think I ovulated. But then I had cm jan 4-7. So I have experienced this but I wish i could you what it is. I have searched all over for the answer. When I find out I will be sure to let you know. If you ovulated on the 12-15 implantion bleeding does not ccur until about 6 days after conception, so I have been told. But who know, hopefully other Ladies can provide a better answer.


Kelleyb - January 17

Thanks sarahd and wishing. I previously posted a question about symptoms and mentioned that I have an almost 16month old son, but I totally forget what I felt when I was pregnant. I don't know, I guess I;ll just have to wait it out. Tonight I've been feeling a bit of cramping too almost like pms, but it's way too early for cramps. Anyway, wishing, if I find any answers about this I will let you know too. Thank you again. :)


MammaJL - January 17

I was wondering the same thing..


Kelleyb - January 17

MammaJL, if you find any anwers, please let me know. :)



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