Vasectomy Pregnancy What S Going On With My Body

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erina_216 - May 4

My husband had a vasectomy 1 1/2 years ago shortly after our daughter was born. He went back a few months after and was given sterile clearance. I am very high risk and almost died with my daughter after spontaneously going ecclamptic at 34 weeks. For a few months after his vasectomy in Nov 09 he felt a lot of pressure when we had intercourse. We assumed it was from his healing. Around six months or so later, it disappeared and went back to normal. The past few weeks for myself have been...interesting. We are monogomous BTW. I went of Depo (preparing for sterilization myself, but couldn't do it.) I was only on it for one shot (3 months) I still had regular periods while on it. My periods in feb and march were on time, but very light. Kind of like a discharge with very little pink or brown in it. Then I didn't get it in april. I had been very very moody (had to see a psych nurse it was so bad I thought I was bipolar) in feb and march. In april, it just went away, thought it was from coming off depo shot. I still haven't got my period for april yet and am almost 3 weeks late. I have sore br___ts, tender nipples, was lactating a week ago, lower abdomen feels tight and bulging a little. Discharge is a little heavier and smells a bit like when I was preggers with my other two. I swear I have been feeling fluttering, call me crazy, but when i finally convince myself that I'm not, the fluttering always happens. And I never have to pass gas after. I've taken two HPTs which were both neg. And my GP was worried too, so he ordered a blood test which came back with a neg result of 2.4 . And just last weekend my husband couldn't ejaculate during intercourse because the pain/pressure has returned. What is going on!?!? I know we should just wait it out...but I am so high risk it's not safe for me or the babies. With my first we found out I had a incompetent cervix, and he was born at 25 weeks (healthy child now :) ) With our second i got stiched up and made it to 34 weeks, then I went ecclamptic. If I am, they need to start me off for a safe pregnancy as soon as possible. Please anyone spare me your thoughts or similar situations. Remember my husband has a vasectomy, so any other women out there who have had vasectomy babies, please reply. Thanks :)



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