Veins In Boobs

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marla - December 27

Yes I was just woundering what is the veins in your br___t supposed to look like during pregnancy I have some really lite veins in the white part of br___t and then in the dark part it is really dark blue and there 2 big veins in each br___t and my other question was I was going to take a test tomorrow and my husabd and I ttc on the 12 of this month so if I was pregnant I would just be 2 weeks because we only had s_x 12 and the 14 of this month and we didnt use protection and were I was on depo for 2 years and I have been of the shot for 6 month I still dont have a period I have put many of post up that tells most of my story I have many syptoms sleepness cramps and I did spot for 4 day and now I have blue vein on my br___t but I dont know if they have always been there or not so can you give me some advice thanks...


Marla - December 27

if anyone is out there please I need to know happy new year...I haope we all get what we want


Marla - December 27

if anybody is out there I need advice thankss,,


cindy - December 28

I hate to tell you this, but I think you are worrying about this too much. I know you really want to be preg., but if you haven't had a period in the past 6 months then you are probably not ovulating, which means you are probably not preg. If I am wrong then I am sorry. But sometimes when you want something so bad you start to make yourself think something is happening. When you really start to have strong symptoms, like nausea and vomiting and really tender b___sts, dizziness, things like this then start to be concerned. I hope this helped. Set yourself at ease and then it will probably happen easier. :) I hope you are not angry.


Jolene - December 28

Hey ! I just noticed the blue veins on my b___sts this morning... they definitely weren't there a few days ago. Any more symptoms / news Marla?


Marla - December 28

well I took hpt today it showed neg I was so disap. but I am still hopeing because if I am preg I would just be 2 weeks.


Marla - December 28

Hello its me does anyone think I took the test to early thanks


Nichole - December 28

Marla, if you would only be 2 weeks pregnant, have you missed your period? If you are pregnant, I think it would be too early to tell. Wait until after your missed period, ok? Good luck! :-)


sarah - December 28

yes I was woundering say if you have been on the depo shot and you have been off of it for 8 months and still havent got your period back how would you tell if your pregnant I mean I have been tried veins in b___st and I get sick but never throw up and I took a pregnancy test it showed neg but I know if I am preg I would just be 3 weeks and I cant wait til I have a period because I still havent got my period were I went of the depo shot and It can take up to a year for me to get it back thanks need advice


Britney - January 20

I NEED HELP!...I am 16 and all I see is 2 veins on each period was late 25 days and it came...but lasted 3 days ONLY...I dont have any other signs other than feverish headaches...AM I PREGNANT????



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