Veins Running Through Areola

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Mirriam - May 5

I'm sure this question has already been asked, but I can't find it. Can you have veins running through your areola if you are not pg? I can usually see some veins in my br___ts, but I don't think I've ever seen them running through my areola. Is this a good sign for pg? It isn't the only one I have, but the others could also be af symptoms, so I was wondering about this one. Thanks for any responses.


Wondering - May 5

did anyone get veins in the groin area, going down your thigh when you got pregnant? Also on the front of your calfs? I read somewhere that that could happen.


bump - May 5



Mirriam - May 5

Wondering- I don't know if I am pg yet, but I can see the veins in my legs a lot right now. I wish someone who is or has been pg would tell us if this is significant or not.


wondering - May 5

yes, i would like to know if it is significant as well. could anyone who is/has been pregnant let us know!


didi - May 5

Hey wondering- I have veins on my b___sts, stomach and upper thighs also. Can someone tell me if this is a sign or is something wrong with me


vanessa - May 5

I started noticing veins the month before I got pregnant. Maybe because I was actually starting to look for them ???? Anyway, mine have gotten much darker now that I am preggo. I have them on my chest, b___sts, upper arms, upper thighs and lower stomach. I look like a road map! A road map to mommyhood I guess. Hope this is a positive sign for you all!


Mirriam - May 5

So what about the veins going through areola? Does anyone have these and you are not pg?


hey mirriam - May 5

I also have veins running through areolas and everywhere on b___sts and chest, even up my abdomen. I would be 8 weeks pregnant. All negative HPTs. A negative blood test at 17 days past ovulation. I am beginning to think it is normal to have everyonce in awhile. What else? Sorry!


Mirriam - May 5

Thanks for answering. Darn, I thought that might be a solid sign. I wonder why this happens. I also have veins in the same places you just refered. Who knows, I was never really looking until now, maybe they've always been there. Good luck with ttc. lol!!!! BABY DUST!!!!


Michelle W - May 6

Mirriam, I have always had veins running through my b___st, chest and groin area. However, I noticed that since I got pregnant they were a lot more prominent. Also, I noticed that I saw veins running through my areola that definately were not there prior to conception. Hope this is a good sign for you too. Good luck and keep us informed.


colleen - May 6

I think the reason your veins are usually more prominant in early pregnancy is b/c your bllod is pumping faster and harder to care for your little one. So I would say that veins could be more noticable in other areas of the body as well other than the b___sts.


Mirriam - May 7

Thanks everybody!!!! lol and baby dust to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mirriam - May 7

Just to let everyone know, I tested this morning and guess what, BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I guess the veins did mean something for me. Thanks for all of your help!!!!!!!!


Hey Mirriam - May 8

I wrote you a post earlier with the same subject line as above. How far along are you now that you found out? Mine are getting worse and it is starting to scare me.


Mirriam - May 8

I think I'm about 5 weeks, maybe 6. That is if I actually ovulated when I thought I did. I know what you mean, mine were scaring me too. Where I live (South Carolina) it is hot and this morning I had to put on jeans instead of shorts because they were so dark I was embarrased to be seen in shorts. I wanted to wear a long sleeved shirt too because the ones in my arms are also wicked looking. Yuck!!! I told my husband if I wasn't pg there was something definitely wrong with me. He agreed!!! I think you need to go see your doctor, maybe you didn't ovulate when you though you did and that's why your blood test came back neg. I'd get another one done. Please let me know how everything turns out for you. lol!!!! and baby dust!!!!!



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