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sara - February 28

ok, so last night i had a vivid dream, and i mean VIVID, of being pregnant. i was laying in bed, and my mum came into my room, and threw a 2 pack of hpts at me, telling me to take one as she was excited for me! anywho, i go to the bathroom, take the test, head back into my room, and dive under the covers, waiting for the time period to be up. i glance at it, 2 lines! omfg i was so happy in my dream! my family and friends were thrilled, i was over the moon, shaking, crying, couldn't believe it had finally happened! my partner took me away to celebrate on a cruise ship, only this guy isn't my baby's dad! but anyway, i was happy in my dream, so whatever! everything felt so real that i even woke up with a smile on my face! then i remembered, it was just a dream. Grrrrrrr! i hate the waiting around, i hate the uncertainty, i hate the feeling of dread when af is due, i hate it when she comes, and i hate it when everything is made worse in my sleep! if it's not bad enough i have this on waking and during the day, now in my dreams also! life sucks =(


Shannon - March 1

I just had to write and tell you that I have had some pretty strange dreams as well. Mine are usually that I find out I am pregnant, then I have the baby and then I can't take care of it. I don't know how to b___st feed, I don't know how to change diapers, I leave them alone and forget about them. Then I wake up feeling horrible. I hate it. I have dreams as well though (and one that seemed VERY real) where I see my baby girls face (Maybe thats a sign that I will have a girl first!) and I get to play with her and snuggle and dress her up. When I woke up from that one I was so happy at first but when I finally figured out that it wasn't real I was crushed... it felt like I had lost her. Anyways... I know how frustrating it is. We've been trying for over a year now. Lets just hope and pray that this will be the month for the both of us!



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