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moist - May 15

i have a question... i have been needing to go pee alottt as the days go on... but my pee is almost clear like... and barly even there... but if i feel that i need to go pee and i hold it just for a little... i become verry moist down there... what could be wrong with me?... please help me...


moist - May 16



q - May 16

do you feel like you get wet not only in your v____a area, but all over "down there"? it could be the beginning of a urinary infection. When that happens to me i drink alot, alot of cranberry juice and it goes away. does anyone else have any suggestions for her?


moist - May 16

the wetness feels like im starting my period... soo i rush to the bathrom and i dont see naything... i have herd that when you become pregnant n your early stages that you feel verrry wet in ur v____a area... as if you are having your menstral cycle.... could it be that i am pregant( wich i have to wait to see on the 27th) and that this is a sign or pregnacy??????


most again - May 16

also... like i have said i feel thT I need to use the resroom alot more then usual... i even find myself wakng up in the middle of the night once or twice in the night to use the restrooom... is this a sign as well?


..... - May 16

i use the restroom alot almost like 4 or 5 times a night.but i have my reasons.maybe you should go see a doctor


very moist - May 16

welll other then me needing to use the rstoroom alot... i have other signs that make me lead to pregnacy... i will find out in about a week( when af might come) but i guess i will just have to wait and see... i am hopeing that i am because for the past couple of weeks i have gotten sooo attached to my unborn baby and every little sign that occurs i just ausme that its because of pregnancy... but i will have to wait and see... soo just wish me luck... and again thannkx for everyones postings....


? - May 17




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