Very Concernced Viv Anyone Who Has Had Children

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Karissa - January 11

My husand & I have been ttc for the past few months. Normally when I ovulate I get the egg white looking discharge. Well, my last period started on 12/28 & ended about 12/31-1/1/05 so I should be starting ovulation around now. I'm concerned because I don't have that egg white discharge at all. The only thing I've noticed over the past couple of days is like a clear discharge that looks like water on the tissue. Thats not normal for me so I'm very concerned. We last had s_x on 1/4 & 12/31 during the times I wasn't ovulating so I'm wondering if maybe we conceived at that time & this stuff I'm getting is a sign? Maybe I ovulated earlier? I do recall seeing the stringlike discharge earlier in the month, shortly after my AF ended & my period has been off the past 3 months so maybe my cycle changed. I've been emotional over the last month. I can cry over anything, having bad gas pains and cramping pains in my lower stomach more to the left. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Please, all suggestions appreciated!


kim - January 11

sounds like you may be preggo... Too soon to test though. I would just keep ttc as if you were not preggo and wait a few weeks and test.


Karissa - January 11

Thanks for your respons. Do you really think so? When we had s_x it wasn't during my ovulation time. Also, I thought that when you are pregnant, you get alot of discharge. Is that true?


Sophie - January 11

It definately does sound as though you could be pregnant, especially since your AF isn't due to start anytime soon, and you're having similar symptoms to PMS. Ttc during ovulation has a better chance of resulting in a baby, but it isn't the only time you can get pregnant, so maybe you did conceive on one of those dates. Discharge is normal when you're pregnant, it can vary in terms of how it looks, and as long as it's odourless, it's fine. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! x


BUMP - January 11



Jay - January 11

Just thought I would put my two cents in too.....I had the egg white discharge, about 7 days past my ovulation schedule (so I thought), so we ttc'd that day and moring after as well as the week before. After the egg white, I had NO discharge at all until I actually got a positive sign on the pregnancy that I am pregnant, It is this crusty yellowish discharge. As for the gas pains - I think that is a good sign.Good luck!


Karissa - January 11

Thanks so much. It sounds promising to me now. I'm just confused because I should be ovulating tomorrow & there's no discharge which is different. I hope you're right. I pray that I'm pregnant. Thanks so much!


bump - January 11



BUMP - January 12




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