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Kez - March 10

Do hpts not work if you are quite far on in your pregnancy? I am waiting for blood results from the docs, I have been waiting since last monday and they are not back but did a hpts and it was negative. Please help!!, Also are sensitive tests more reliable or not? Thanks


??? - March 10

i heard sum where on here that u dont have any preggy signs until implantation accurs.. well ive had all the preggy signs for nearly 3 weeks and a bleed for 2 n half days last week.. so is that true or not ???


Kez - March 10

V Strange! Well I had all the signs, (very light periods only lasting 2 days, tired all the time, getting headaches, getting back ache in my lower back, weeing a lot, very ga__sy, feeling sick and getting hot, but hpts keep being negative. So does this sound like the symptoms


Audrey - March 10

Kez- You're experiencing some of the cla__sic pregnancy symptoms. If the home tests keep coming back negative, then see your doctor for a blood test. Best wishes!


Kez - March 11

Hi Audrey I have been to the docs for a blood test and I am just waiting for the results, but its taking ages, Thank you.


Kez - March 15

Got result back from doctors and its negative! I really cant understand it as everything points to me being pregnant. Has anyone ever experienced this and still been pregnant? I am due for af on sunday.


Grandpa Viv - March 15

Kez, have you not missed AF yet? Even a blood test may show negative a week before. Wait until you have missed your regular AF by a week and then home test again, first a.m. pee. Good luck!


Kez - March 15

Hi Grandpa Viv I have not missed af yet, but I will start from the begining. I normally get my period every 28 days, but my last 2 periods have been every 30 days and they have been very light, so light I was unable to wear a tampon, and they only lasted 2 days and usually they are 4-5 days. I have also being getting back ache in my lower back, really back headaches, weeing a lot, very ga__sy, feeling sick and very tired and getting hot. I have done 4 hpts and all have come back negative. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks


Kez - March 15

I have also got very tender b___bs and I have noticed white spots around my nipples and blue veins running through my b___bs, but they are not darker. Please help


em - March 15

a friend of mine had a negitive blood test. She was 3 months pg before she finally found out.


waiting - March 15

Kez:I Just took a pregnancy test and it was a BFN. I am ten days late and the only symptom I have is fluttering in my abdomen. I am now ten days late. do not know what is happening. Maybe going through early menopause. who knows I am 38 years old. good luck. I may try to test later maybe on Monday if there is a no show. This is driving me up the wall....


Kez - March 16

Its so annoying! I am going to take a test on sunday/monday as that is when I am due af. Good luck! and let me know how you go.



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