Very Confused Please Help

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Trenika - March 11

It's me again asking more questions. I've had all of the signs of pregnancy in the last month and a half, and have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all are negative. My cycle is irregular for the most part. But when I do have it it lasts for 4 days and normally comes around the 17th, 18, or 19th. I haven't had a normal cycle since Dec. I was having unprotected s_x the entire month of Jan and some of Feb. I was told by my obgyn last year that I have cysts on my ovaries. And I heard that I can't get pregnant. I was so scared that I never returned to the doc to find out if they dissolved after I took hormone pills to make my cycle come on. So now to get to the good part. I have had the nausea, vomitting, sensitive to smells, increased appet_te, very frequent urination, weight gain, bloating, very gasey and still gasey but I started bleeding a week ago. A few days ago I had the worst blood clot and last night also. Im scared that I might be pregnant and bleeding at the same time, or have had a miscarriage. Im not bleeding heavy right and sometimes it's a brownish color. I heard that heavy women may not have the needed amount of hcg for it to test positive. I also heard that some women may not show a positive result for 4 months. And that some women have a period while their pregnant. As you can see Im very confused and scared. Please give me some feedback and/or advice. Thanks!


Audrey - March 11

Trenika- The symptoms you described sound like early pregnancy, but clots are not normal at this point. I suggest you see your doctor again. Best wishes!


pam - March 11

what every you do dont listen to GRANDPA VIV trust me pleas


JJ - March 11

Hello why don't you go back to your dr. and get the truth about your cyst I had the exact symptoms and I was not pregnant but had to have surgury to remove a large cyst that is why I was peeing so much as well hormones don't dissolve cyst Get some proffessional help.



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