Very Confused And Anxious What Are The Chances

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startingtowonder - January 5

Hi all. I posted on here earlier wondering if i was pregnant from prec_m...and then posting that i was indeed pregnant! well, i'm actually really confused as to what's going on at this point. my last NORMAL period was november 28th. i was due to start af this month on dec. 25th. i started having pms like cramps two weeks before af was due to show and a few other symptoms of pregnancy - mainly extreme exhaustion. i took a test the day after af was due and it was positive! (dollar tree test). so i assumed that i was pregnant. well since then i've had what seemed to be a very regular period. and the pregnancy tests are now negative? did i have a miscarriage? chemical pregnancy? what's going on? also - i had unprotected s_x on day 7 of this current cycle (assuming that i'm no longer pregnant) and am wondering if with a 27 day cycle what the chances are i could end up pregnant from that act of s_x. anyway i am just really confused right now. highs and lows are really stressing me out and any help would be GREATLY appreciate. thanks so much.


Grandpa Viv - January 5

Starting, please keep all your posts in one thread so that we don't have to open several in order to get the whole picture. Yes, you could have had a "chemical" pregnancy and yes, you could get pregnant again this month but it is too soon to place any bets on that. Day 7 of your cycle is considered outside the fertile window. Why don't you get a few more Dollar Store tests and use then first morning pee at one week intervals. You may still be pregnant from last month. Are you trying to conceive? Good luck!


startingtowonder - January 5

okay, sorry about the separate posts. I'm not trying to my post from a few weeks ago i talked about how i've tried so many different forms of birth control but they make me really sick so we've just been using condoms until i can figure something out. anyway - i thought that i was we didn't use anything, and that was when we had s_x on what i think would have been day 7 if my bleeding was actually my period. i bled for about 3-4 days and it was fairly heavy pretty much just like a normal period. but the preg tests were i a__sumed i was still pregnant. just a few days ago my boyfriend had me test again becuase we were unsure about the bleeding and this test was negative. so i'm worried that i might be pregnant and something's wrong, had a miscarriage or something - or that i'm no longer pregnant but since we had s_x THINKING i was pregnant that i will be pregnant this month. ahhh sorry i'm just rambling but i'm so confused! how reliable are pregnancy tests? could i have had a false positive or negative? thanks so much for your help! Also....any ideas on the cm i've been experincing from my other post?


startingtowonder - January 5

and.....i guess i should add in that i'm still having some of my pregnancy symptoms but not quite at the same levels. i'm still constantly tired no matter how much sleep i get and am still always hungry and having period like cramps. (which....period like cramps without bleeding seems odd to me no matter whats going on currently). but i'm not light headed as much anymore and i've noticed that i'm getting a LOT more emotional about everything. no headaches anymore either. i just really want to know one way or the other....this not knowing is the hardest part!


Kairi_x - January 5

agghh im in exactly the same position as you! Except I've had no positive tests yet >< I know I'm not much help and I don't know what advice to give because I'm in same position.. but I just want to let you know that you're not alone in this :)


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Keep in the back of your mind that hCG hormone does not rise as is normal if there is an ectopic pregnancy, where the embryo implants in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. This would result in major pain by 8 weeks, and has to be fixed ASAP. Other than that, use proper contraception, take prenatal vitamins, keep testing at weekly intervals, and if you have not figured it out by the time your next period is due, make a doctor appointment anyway. Good luck!



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