Very Confused Is There Any1 Experiencing Something Like This

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Nicole - May 24

Hi i was on pill for a year forgot to take it ocassionaly came of the pill at start of march had Af on march 19th started TTC had no AF during April went to doctors 16th May they said i could be i would be about 6-9wks gone thats if i am but need to do another sample in few days, that tuesday i had a brown discharge then the next day i had a very light colour period was quite heavy no pains with it at all which i thought i would with coming of the pill then that stopped about 5pm that night. the next day i had a little bit of blood on my underwear then a brown discharge and then yesterday i was lifting something quite heavy and i noticed a brown sort of pink discharge nothing much. i did a test this morning but it is still showing up negative ive read alot of people getting alot of negatives and they are actually pregnant could i be pregnant and not have a strong Hcg showing up and thats why im not getting a positive i am really confused with my body at minute i was always regular. i am very bloated, got a few veins on my br___t, feeling slightly nausea, quite alot of cm, and feeling really hungry but not fancying anything once ive cooked it. im just wandering wot it could be if any1 has experianced something like this the response would be a great help!! Thanx and good luck to every1 TTC and who are pregnant!


Karen - May 24

I'm experiencing kind of the same as you - brown discharge, bloated, tired. My Hcg was negative too, but i have v irregular periods so I don't know when AF is due. Dr tested for infections?! - I'm going to wait till weekend to test again. Hope i am preg - have had 2 m/c. Good luck x x x


k - May 24

It could be your body adjusting from getting off the pill.


Nicole - May 24

I am sorry to hear about your m/c i hope everything goes well for you. i am hopefully going to the doctors again 2moro so i will see what else they have got 2 say. keep me posted on your result! Nicole xx



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