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Skyla - March 7

I still have 1 week before I start my period and I am curious about the very early signs. I know that a big one is sore br___ts. My br___t are not sore at all but my nipples are extremely sensitive and I've never felt this before. I also have a white discharge that I have noticed these past few days. Input anyone?


tiffani - March 7

My first clue was the mild period like cramps I was having right above my bikini line. Then there was mild heartburn, followed by lower back ache and Montgomerys Tubercles. The cramping happened 3 weeks before my BFP, and everything else, about 2 weeks before. As far as cervical mucus, mine was never in abundance, but always there. Creamy and lotion like. Hope this helps! :o)


Paula - March 7

Hi Skyla, I also have 1 week and about 3 days until period. I have also had the discharge and headaches, lightheaded, nausia. I know these are all early signs, so we'll see. If youd like ill post on here and let you know if period comes, and keep me updated with how everything goes. Good Luck! tty~Paula


Skyla - March 7

Good luck to you as well! I've neveer heard anyone having really sensative nipples. Even the rubbing of my Bra. Has anyone ever experienced this ealry on?


c4urjoy - March 7

I know this sounds funny but with my first i didn't know i was preg. until i was 2-3 months pregnant. With my second i knew within 5 days of conception, the funy thing is i was 2 weeks past conception when i went to the doctor,they did a blood test and it was negative. One week later i went back becasue i knew they were wrong and they did another BLOOD test and sure enough i ws pregnant!!! Just had a baby 10 weeks ago! Signs are different for everyone.You just may be, if you buy a test and it comes out neg retest in a week1/2. Good luck


jerrinice - March 8

I have 1 week till i come on my period two! and my b___sts r sore and have gone two sizes bigger in about a week. And i'm using the totilet more than needed 2. I have from time 2 time wreid feelin in my womb LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE 2 SET BACK AND WAIT TILL WE COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!111111


Mallory - March 8

My b___bs are very sore to the touch right now and they are normally only a little sensative the day before or the day of af. I am 3 days late now so we will see what happens. I have gotten negative on both tests but it may be too soon to get a positive.


jennifer - May 10

When my daughter was conceived it was a surprise so I didn't notice any symptoms except extreme b___st tenderness. Now we are "trying" to conceive and it is somewhat nervewracking to watch for signs. I did have the extreme b___st tenderness but I feel as if my period is due any minute... has anyone felt like that and been pregnant?


tausha - May 10

what if you are pregnant but you are on your period



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