Very Faint BFP At 13DPO

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Trying4#3 - February 18

Hey girls! Just wanted to post that I took a FRER test this morning and got VERY faint line(you could barely see it). It has been a couple of hours and now you can see it as clear as day. This will be my 3rd pregnancy. We have 2 girls and are trying for a boy. I am not going to tell dh til I take a test with FMU tomorrow(which is my birthday!). Okay, I know what you want to hear. My symptoms: First of all I have had lots of yellow CM. I have had sensitive nipples, but that comes and goes. Noticed that I started getting very tired at 9DPO. Yesterday stayed nauseous all day, also having dull headaches. Normally crave chocolate before af I and cannot stand the thought of it. I also normally drink coffee and have not wanted it for days! But the weirdest thing is that today I started having a metallic taste in the roof of my mouth. I have heard of people having that but wasn't sure what it was. Now I know. Btw, I took a FRER hpt on Saturday morning (11DPO) and was BFN, so don't get discouraged!!! I am still in disbelief, this was our 2nd month ttc. Hope it sticks!


LN030905 - February 18

Congrats!!! Hope the test tomorrow is super dark! Good Luck! BTW, happy birthday :)


Becky22 - February 18



MelissaP - February 18

congratulations. Im sure your little one will stay put =P. Thanks for the symptoms list!


austynsmommy - February 18

Congrats have a happy and healthy nine months!!!


Trying4#3 - February 18

Thanks so much! I am still a little nervous because the line was soooooo faint. But seeing it bright blue now makes me soooo excited! Can't wait to test in the morning.


mjvdec01 - February 18

How exciting!! Wow three kids now. I have a two year old and am 17 weeks 4 days with my second and wondering where the time will come from. You must be on cloud nine. We are also hoping for a boy and will find out on excited.


mjvdec01 - February 18

Ooh and Happy Birthday, mine is today I am 32.


Jezebel - February 18

congratulations trying!!


brads wifey - February 19

Congratulations!!! Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!



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