VERY Faint Positive But Cramps All Day

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jb - May 4

I got aVERY faint positive this morning! but all day today i feel like AF will be here any moment, i have had heavy cramping off and on all day....??? this ever happen to anyone???


dm - May 4

hi jb...when i was preg with my dd i had cramps around af time. felt like i was going to start any minute. i already knew i was preg though b/c i got a bfp before af was due. i would test again in a couple of days and you'll probably get a darker line. sounds like congratulations are in order though. good luck!!


jb - May 4

Thanks alot!!! i feel alot better now =))))


Liz - May 4

I have read on other boards that many, many people felt like their af was going to start any minute. Much congrats to you! I never had any signs w/ my previous preg except a weird feeling in lower abdomen.


Lynette - May 4

Jb (or anyone!), when you say a very faint positive - was the line at least a different colour? I ask because I tested this morning (12 dpo) and I can see a "clear" line where the coloured one should be - but is that just an evaporation line or something? I know I should just wait a couple of days and try again, but I'd like to cling to at least a tiny bit of hope? I hope it's good news for you! :-)


Rainbow - May 4

To Lynette..yep, that can happen. It can be clear, if you test really early. Try again in a couple of days! Baby dust!! To jb: Looks good in my books. A faint positive is still a +. I had the same symptoms, lots of cramping but no AF.


caitlin - May 4

I just got my BFP as well - I'm actually about a week late and the cramping has been going on since just before AF was due. Not all the time - on and off, every other day. Today I thought AF was coming so I took the HPT just in case - and BFP. I am comforted as well to have read many times here that cramps appear to be normal. I think there was a chain at one point where they were discussing this, and one woman mentioned that her doctor told her that it is normal - your uterus is stretching to accommodate the little bean growing inside. It will stretch and also your round ligaments will feel funny due to this stretching. My cramps are like AF, but not quite as bad.


Lynette - May 5

Rainbow, thanks so much for your postive response. I hope you are right and it wasn't just because of my squinting and holding it up to the light etc etc :-) lol! I'll know for sure by Sunday, I think. Thanks again.



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