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Scared Shit Less - May 11

I took a ept test today and it showed up negative.. I left for a few hours and came back and picked it up and now it shows postive, Can it be that i am pregnant? even though the test went from Negative and then three hours later it went to postive?


Amy - May 11're probably not pregnant...Read the back of the box...It will till you to disregard any results after 10 minutes...After about 5-10 minutes an evaporation line will show up in the test area...It will come up where a positive result WOULD have been...Hope this helps.


Oh god - May 11

my god i hope your right i got so scared cause it had the plus and man... you think i should retest now just in case or tomorrow?


Amy - May 11

When was your last AF? How many days are normally in your cycle?


confused - May 11

what is a af and my cycle has been acting strange it started when it was supposed too im still on it but its extremely light very light with clots of blood so light u can see them at the bottom of the toliet and when i wipe it bright red with dark red and i have no idea mine usually last sun - thurs morning so i dont know im so confused


Amy - May 11

AF stands for Aunt FLo (aka your period). it is possible to be pregnant and have a period, but if you are currently having your period there is a very good chance that if you are pregnant you would have gotten a positive result with the test you took earlier today. I would wait until a few days after your period stops and take another test just to be on the safe side. I'm pretty sure that you aren't pregnant though hon.


hmmm - May 11

if i went ahead and took a blood test in the morning that would back it up with the not pregnant right? before i drop this convo i got to thank you for being so nice and for your help..


another thing - May 11

what basically ment to ask is it necessery to take a blood test to find out.. im just so scared i got so much to do with scholarships cant afford to have a kid right now you know its a wonderful thing but u know


Amy - May 11

You're very welcome. That's what therse forums are here for. I honestly wouldn't even bother having a blood test done, but that's totally up to you. I would just wait and see how things go. You would probably be fine to just wait and till you get your period next month without even testing again. If your period is back to normal next time around then you probably just had a screwed up cycle. It happens to the best of us. Again good luck.


Thank you - May 11

all i know is that im never having s_x again until im married and have a great career .. i have learn my lesson and i guess marriage isnt to far away from me lol anyways To any girls out there that are scared *DONT HAVE s_x.. DONT LET THE GUY TALK TO U INTO IT!* thank you amy once again. i owe u one



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