Very Light AF

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Miss K - August 19

Hello Ladies. I hope someone can help me out. Af was due a few days ago.. but 6 days ago i started a light pink spotting and it hasnt stoped... its so light nothing has come out so i dont need to wear meds... its only inside when i check... what do you think?.. should i give up and try for next month?... thanks. ~baby dust~


s - August 19

im having that right now too. im about w week late. although, i have mild af cramps, and i had af cramps about 4 days ago (with no blood or anything) but today i started very lightly pinkish spotting. its so light, no pad or anything. and its not even there now. whats up?


Miss K - August 20

Hi s.. I dont know whats up with the spotting.. but af showed this morning for me... Good luck to you... ~lots of baby dust! ~


Miss K and S - August 20

It sounds like it could be implantation bleeding. So you have any pregnancy symptoms or taken a hpt yet?


Miss K - August 20

Hi! :) No i havnt taken a hpt.. I dont know if I have had pregnancy symptoms or Im just sick lol... I got af this morning... Its not as heavy as it usually is but its still there... Do you think I still have a chance?.... I have never had the spotting before and it lasted for 6 days....??


Amy - August 20

Miss K, you could always try taking a test just to be sure. Since I got of the pill 2 years ago I always have spotting 4-5 days before af. Maybe that is what has happened with you. I am having spotting right now and I am suppose to start 8/25. I keep hoping the spotting is ib and I won't start af. How long have you been ttc?


Miss K - August 20

Hi Amy! :) Ivee been ttc since last april.. I came off Implanon implant in March so maybe thats why Im spotting.... I hope its IB for you!! Good luck.. My man is leaving to go overseases so we wont be trying again till next year when he returns. :( Keep us posted Hope you get a BFP!! when will you be testing? ~baby dust~



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