VERY Odd Happenings Over Here

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jezebel1018 - November 10

ok well, dh and i are on a break from ttc this month so we went back to the withdrawal method (tride and true). i am still keeping track of my chart though, i actually just started temping. according to my 'signs' i am fertile period is due tomorrow! I am 14 dpo and i did get a positive opk when i should have mid month. sooooo...i took an opk, just so see and there was a second line, it wouldnt be positive for LH as the test line islighter than the control line but there IS a test line present which shouldnt be there. should i run out and get a hpt? if i were pregnant now then either i am one of those weird situations where i got a period last month while pregnant, or i got pregnant from prec_m, OR i am ovulating when i am due for af...either way ODD. ideas?? im so freaked i popped a xanax, i couldnt help myself.


mjvdec01 - November 10

Unless the test line is as dark or darker, I wouldn't put much stock it it. Every time I use an opk I always get some sort of test line and then the closer to ovulation the darker it becomes, but I use clear blue easy opk's. Maybe your test is different. If you want to test just go to the dollar store and pick some up. For $1 a piece why not buy several and stock up. They work just as well as the name brands and you won't go broke. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Anyway, I will be 8 dpo on the 11th. This is our 3rd month ttc. Let me know what happens!! :}


jezebel1018 - November 11

i use first response opk. last night i took an hpt too which was neg. this am i peed on 2 sticks at the same time lol, pos opk again and neg hpt. if af doesnt come today then i will officially be late. it certainly feels like its coming so im sure its just an off cycle but its just freaking me out a little. im wondering if we should bd anyway since i might be ovulating again lol.


mjvdec01 - November 11

no harm in bd'ing again just in case. let me know what happens in the next few days, it's nice to talk to someone. I am 8 dpo today and this morning i feel like c___p. stuffy nose, headache, and last night hubby and I had to leave a movie in a hurry because I was having an asthma attack and like a dummy I left me inhaler at home. it was the one night my mom was over to watch my daughter and I screwed it up. Hey, do you know anything about cervical position? Every website has different information.


jezebel1018 - November 12

i really dont know anything about cervical position. i only started temping and checking cm recently myself. i havent graduated to cervical position. as for my 'odd' situation. it remains the same. i am now officially late, positive opk & still negative hpt. i am dizzy, mildly crampy and got very nauseous last night after eating broccoli & rice w/ cheese sauce (my FAV)...hmmmm



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