VERY VERY Faint Positive After 3 BFN

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shannon - October 27

I had 3 BFN with First Response. Two days later I used clear blue and at first the + line was so thin I wasn't even sure if it was there. But when I looked again a few hours later it was a very dark positive but it was past the timeframe. I tested again a few days later and the same thing. Is this a + even though it was after the time allowed?


E - October 27

Yes & congrats!


NT - October 27

Yes! The only thing that can bring the positive line up at anytime is hcg. Therefore it is in your body. Congratulations


ray - October 27

Yes hcg is the only thing that can bring up the positive line. therefore it is in your body. good job.


shannon - October 27

thank you so much to the people that responded. i appreciate it so much.


Daile - October 28

Shannon, that's not true. While it's possible that you are pregnant, any result read after the time frame DOES NOT COUNT. There are numerous reasons that could cause a positive after that time frame (which is why they set one). The faint positive in the beginning could mean you are pregnant, or it could be condensation. You should talk to your doctor.


E - October 28

What are some of those reasons Daile?


irene - October 28

what is BFN


alyssa - October 28

BFN = big fat negative


shannon - October 28

i am going to test again tonight using one of the new digital tests. i will post my results.


shannon - October 29

i tested this morning with clearblue digital but go a negative. when i took the cartridge out there were two lines (one was faint but definitely there). What could be going on with me?


shannon - October 29

Thank you m. I do believe I am pg because I have done lots of tests and never had these faint lines before especially not so many times. My husband has already begun celebrating. I am going to get a blood test and will post the results.


E - October 29

LOL w/ M:) Good luck Shannon!! We want you to be pregnant too!


m - October 29

Awesome Shannon! Can't wait to hear the results. And by the way, I'm glad you say that about this being the first time you've got those lines. Makes it easier to believe that you ARE pregnant, doesn't it? Also, ask for a quant_tative blood test instead of a qualitative. Quant actually tests for a number. Qual goes with pos or neg. You want that number! Good luck. Looking forward to hearing back from you.


m - October 29

Oh, and btw Shannon, the digital tests are hogwash. It's comparable to the qualitative blood test. It won't measure minute amounts. I wouldn't trust those Pregnant/Not Pregnant things. And if you used First Response "One Step" for the 3 BFN, that brand doesn't show up BFP unless you have 100 mIU of hcg in your urine. The clear blue easy nailed it for ya. Again, good luck!


shannon - October 31

it's official I AM PG!!! The doctor said I had low levels of hcg which is why the lines were so thin and why I had 3 negatives first. Thank you everyone for your opinion (especially m) and I have another question. Can I still drink 2 cups of green tea a day? Or could it harm my baby?


E - October 31

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! If the green tea has caffiene, soak the bag for less time if you are concerned. I am so happy for you:)



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