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Srishti - January 24

Hi Everyone, I ovulated on 24th day after my previous cycle and was planning to be pregnant. 20 days after my ovulation the homepregnancy test revealed a positive result . I repeated the same in 2 days time with the same positive result.I consulted an gyno who advised me to take a blood test(BetaHCG Count) ,the result showed 12,500 count on day 25 after ovulation.The doctor said that i am pregnant & adviced me to take a scan on day 30 after ovulation. But today(Day 28 after ovulation) suddenly i started getting my periods(Not just spotting but with a browish color) for a couple of times & i am feeling scared to even meet a doctor.I am not sure about what the problem is as i dont complain of anyother problem like abdominal pain,cramps etc. Did any one experience such a symptom in the past??plz help.... Thanks


redlittlerose - January 24

is the colour of the blood only brown? if so its just old blood. if its heavy enough to wear a pad and need to change it a often as if it was a regular period i consult a doctor immediately. brown blood can also be caused by s_x as the cervix has alot more blood at this time i just no from experiance and cons___ting a doc about it. it can drag out quite a bit but shouldnt be majorly heavy. good luck and look after your self two of you!


Srishti - January 25

Hi Thanks for your response...The bleeding/spotting was seen just for a day & then it stopped.Based on my doctors advice i repeated the Blood test & Beta HCG value came around 30000(Around 2.5 times the previous count in 3days timespan).The doctor confirmed that i am pregnant & asked me to take a scan .Also she has adviced me to take Susten 200mg table for 10 days time..I am just keeping my fingers crossed for the Scan & i am not sure on the reason behing taking Susten 200mg tablet. Thanks


[email protected] - January 26

Hi...if its brown blood you are fine that means its old blood. Anytime it gets heavy you need to call your ob but it sounds like your ok. Best of luck and congradulations



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