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Rachel - January 6

I am probably in the totally wrong section, but lately i have been feeling very sick. My stomach is a lot bigger than it is normally, it hurts a lot, like my tummy is upset all the time, everytime i try to eat, i can only get through maybe half of what i could normally eat, and after eating i feel like i want to be sick. I am on norimin28 pill, and was on it for 4 years in a relationship, and never fell pregnant. I started back on it about 2 months ago after having stopped it for about 6 months. I haven't missed any pills, haven't taken any antibiotics, yet i feel awful! I can't sleep at night because my stomach feels so awful, and when i lay on it, i feel like im going to throw up! Please tell me this isnt signs of pregnancy :( Last time i was active was about the 26/12/04 and i assume it would definitely be too early to notice. (as i havent had any period yet, it is due next week - i am unable to use this as a sign). Please help me, very confused/worried. Thank you...I thought perhaps it was just a stomach bug... hopefully for my sake (though I havent thrown up at all).


Grandpa Viv - January 6

Glad you found a new relationship! If you got pregnant 26/12/04, about now is when you would start having early signs. One of the signs is an upset digestive tract as pregnancy hormones affect the gut muscles and food goes through at a different rate. It would be unusual to have this as the only early sign. If you start sleeping more, peeing more, or experience unusual b___b changes, you might get a bit more worried. Good luck!


Rachel - January 7

Thank you Grandpa Viv. I have had swollen b___sts, I've wanted to sleep my life away - but havent really been peeing more. I just pray that its not the worst case scenario. Thank you for your input. Today i have felt remarkably better, I think sometimes when you are worried of something too much, you somehow see some signs or symptoms. There have been times ive worried about being pregnant in the past, but havent really needed to as it has turned out negative. Anyway I just hope this is one of those times :) Thanks again, all the best.



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