Very Worried About Pregnancy

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Classified - August 9

I had s_x with a girl and I used a condom. I pulled out before I "c_mmed". I put my boxers back on and wiped my p__s off. I may have touched my p__s but I know it was after I wiped it off. My hands were dry I know, but I started fingering her but I barely went in only for about 1 minute. Well, I am a VERY worrysome guy because I DO NOT want a kid and especially with this girl because it was a one night stand type of thing. This happened on May 21, 2005 and it is now August 8, 2005. It seems like she should know if she is pregnant by now and would have called and told me. Is there any chance that she could still not know that she is pregnant or be too scared to tell anyone? Or can I stop being worried all day about this? Please help!


Mica - August 9

I don't think you have anything to be worried about.


Jodi - August 9

cla__sified, I don't think I would worry so much, If this was in may and it is now august so would have plenty of time to know if she were pregnant. That means she should have missed 2 periods by now and would most likely know that she were pregnant. If you wiped off on your boxers and are more that positive that your hands were dry I wouldn't worry too much. I doubt she got pregnant by some dry fingers, just relax and breath. Besides you didn't finger her for that long anyway. Not to be an a__s, but for future reference, if you don't want a kid, don't be having s_x, that will in itself take away a lot of stress for future freak outs like this one!


felix - August 9

my girlfriend thought that she was pregnant. she was showing little signs like headache, being hungry a lot and yesturday she said that her nipples are sore! but today she got her period but still her nipples are sore. is it possible she could be pregnant? im really worried about this so please someone help!


moo - August 9

to felix, It is normal for a girl to have a headache and sore nipples just before her period. I believe you will be fine since her period has arrived. Just avoid having s_x if you can't raise a child.


moo - August 9

Oh and if you really can't restrain yourselves learn about birth control and how a girl's body functions. At least you would Know what to worry about


to cla__sified - August 9

Did you realise that all this worrying was due to those few minutes of pleasure and you didn't even consider staying in contact with a girl. S_x is much more rewarding if you are in a relationship and you are feeling ready to commit not only to that girl but to a family. Trust me, what you are experiencing now is a simple trill of having had s_x. If you refrain yourself until you feel you can handle the results with a girl you want to stay with it will be much less worrying afterwards, and better during. JUst stop having s_x for now.


Cla__sified - August 9

Thats is why I have not had s_x since. It is just not worth it. So most of you say I should not be worried, but is there any chance that she could be pregnant and not think or want to admit it? I know it is a weird question, but I want to cover everything.


Cla__sified - August 9

Bump: So she should def. know if she is pregnant by now. I know that, but do you guys think she could be pregnant and not know what it means say for her to miss her period twice or should she be feeling side affects by now? Like I said it happened on May 21, 2005 and it is now August 9, 2005. If she should be feeling sick by now then it seems like she would go to the doctor and he would be like "you are pregnant". Then she would call me and tell me. It sounds weird that I say that but I am a worrying b___d. Also, could someone tell me how many days say in a 30 day month that a woman could become pregnant? Thanks


to cla__sified - August 10

If you read some of the other threads you would notice that getting pregnant for a matured woman is not as easy as one might think. However a young teenager is extreemly fertile thus the reason of so many teenage pregnancies after simple one night stands. I'm glad you decided to stay off s_x for a while. It happened to me too after a good scare. If you are still worried about this girl being pregnant why don't you call her on some other pretence and see how she is? After all you have been thinking about the episode with her for these past months...


to Cla__sified - August 10

Forgot to tell you... There is only one day a month that a woman can get pregnant but only god would specifically know which one.



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