Very Worried Please Help What Are My Chances

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Kair_free2 - November 12

Ok... So I'm feeling very foolish right now. I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend yesterday and now I'm worried about pregnancy. I have tried a lot of different forms of birth control, but the patch, the ring, and the pill all made me miseably sick and vomiting. So I'm pretty much just been relying on condoms - and yesterday we got way too caught up and blew it off. Soooo stupid, I know! Anyway...I'm really desperate to know if I can take Plan B even though the birth control pills I have tried make me throw up. Is it dangerous for me to take it - because I have a feeling I'm gonna be VERY sick from it. Please respond...I want to take it as a precaution but I'm worried it won't be safe for me because I've already proven to be so susceptible to progestin/estrogen pills....(when i had s_x yesterday it was on day 9 of a 26-29 day cycle. Am I at a really high risk??) Thanks!


Kair_free2 - November 12

No one can help me?


nickay - November 13

If the pills are making you sick i wouldnt take them, i wonder if they can prescibe a lower dose? i dont think that it will make you sick other than sick feeling. I know how you feel, i tried to get anwsers as well but no responses. Sorry. I wish the best of luck to you. either way you need it.


jprice0903 - November 13

You may be at your fertile time. I would maybe try calling a doctor and seeing what they think about the situation. If you don't wanna be pregnant, it may be a good idea just to call.... sorry to not be at better help.


Kair_free2 - November 15

Ok - just thought I would update in case anyone else has a similar situation. I calleb my doctor and she said that it would most likely be okay for me to take plan b since the hormone that makes most women sick with birth control is the estrogen. I guess plan b is progestin only. Anyway...I took it and I was totally fine. Not even a little nausea. Seems crazy to me since the pill made me so sick. Anyway, hopefully this will be helpful to someone else as well. Good luck everyone - thanks to those of you who responded to my question! :-)



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