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Joey - February 1

I'am in Highschool and my girlfriend is four days late! :( I need help! I dont know what to do! I dont think she wants to have a BABY right now and to tell you the truth I'am not ready yet either! :( I know we should'nt be having intercourse but we have been together for over a year and two months and things just happend! She has a cough and she's bee kinda tired lately.... We used protection but we did it for less than 15 seconds without protection to see what it would felt like... I dont think I came because I would have felt it... I dunno I need ALOTT of help I love her parents and dont want them to get mad at me and her! Can you give me some solutions in case we are pregnant? PLEASE! I NEED THEM RITE NOW! :(


J - February 1

I would wait a little more, if she's over a week late test inmediately. Even if you didn't come there is what is called pre-c_m. And girls can get pregnant with that, especially young girls are very fertile. I hope is a false alarm since I see you guys are too young. If that's the case use protection from now on.


tiffani - February 1

What kind of help are you looking for? Is she late for her period yet?


joey - February 1

yes she four days late, I just need some advice on what I should do next


B'Lana - February 1

With the caugh-she might be sick and have delay in her period as a result of sickness. give it another week and test with 1st response. If you are looking for prenancy solutions- there are three 1. be a parent, 2. give it up for adoption in good hands 3. abortion. 3 is not recommended for self-guilt people, 1 might not be good if you don't want to be a parent. If you need info on adoptions, let me know, I actually know of a lady who is looking for a baby (very well of lady, good family, has a 13 year old son and want another child but cannot). Best of wishes to you.


N - February 1

HI, It is posible that your girlfriend is pregnant as it can happen before you came as s____n leaks before hand. If she is pregnant support her as much as you can, it will be 100x stressful for her. Talk to a trusted doctor, or adult that can help you, the sooner the better. unfortunatly solutions are not always easy to come by. you are both too young to have a baby so i hope for your sake it works out for the best.


JJ - February 2

joey, your girlfriend should take a home pregnancy test to be sure. that'll hopefully calm your minds. if she is pregnant, then you can make a decision. hang in there.


Joey - February 2

Thanks guys for all your input! It really helps! Yeah I know there's three options and if we are pregnant I'am gonna be a parent! I might not be ready rite now but I've been around babys all my life we grow up in a big family and I was always the one who was selected to babysit when one of my family members needed to do somthing.... Yeah I know baysitting and have two little sisters is nothing close to having a baby of your own but if its necessary I have to grow up fast and be the best father I can be! Rite? Man.... I pray were not though because I'am a sophmore have pretty good grades, Varsity Quaterback for the football team and have a great chance of getting a football scholarship! :( Hey but I should have been thinking about this before I did my actions! Do you guys think I'am choosing the rite option? Oh yeah I know this has to be 100x more stressful for her and I'll allways stick by her side and be there for her no matter what! She is not only my girlfriend but my best friend too! I care about her so so much, I just pray I didnt put her in a bad postion because her parents could be really mean even though they love me like a son!


Mrs Columbo - February 2

First of all, dont panic. The best thing to do is go with your girlfriend to the doctors or go and find s_x advice at your local family planning clinic. A cough or being tired are not early signs of pregnancy. Sometimes periods can tease, but its best to get a full examination. In future, ALWAYS use protection. Good Luck


tiffani - February 2

You know what Joey, if she is pregnant, she's a lucky woman to have such a sincere & mature boyfriend (and best friend). I commend you on accepting your responsibilities like a real man. The first thing to do is take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, count your blessings and take this as a lesson. If it's positive, let me know and we'll go from there. No matter what though, stand by her, mean parents and all. :o)


angel_girl - February 2

Joey, you are a very mature and responsible young man. Althought this is a huge event for you, and you are so young, you are handling it better than many grown men I know. You made a mistake but you can be proud of yourself for the way you are handling it. Kudo's to you kid!


Joey - February 2

Thanks Guys for your incourage and compliments I really need them! This past week has been real hard and stressful! :( I find it hard to focus in cla__s because I keep thinking about everything thats going on! My girfriend is sick she had a fever last night and her head was hurting really bad! Are these signs or does she have the flu or cold? Were gonna take a pregnancy test this weekend! I'll keep you guys posted! And again thanks for everything!


Mandy - February 2

She's probably just sick. For people TTC it's only a 20% chance of even getting preg. Chances are low, but of course if you are not ready use protection!.....Children are a big change and you want to be able to do what you want in life before you decide. I'm turning 30 in June and just starting to have a baby with my husband, cause i wanted to go to college and have a career first, so chances are low, i hope the best for you guys!


MULGAJILL - February 2

Joey, if your girlfriend is pregnant it is not the end of the world, the downside is babies need a LOT of attention, the upside is there is a lot of help available..... i have one girlfriend (in her 30's now) who had a child at 16 and he is now well and truly grown up and happy. She studied from home and worked part-time jobs when he was little and found time to go out and party occa__sionally too when babysitting was available. Cheers.... :-)


Kayleigh-Jayne - February 2

joey, if your girlfriend is pregnant she's lucky 2 have a guy like you at her side... my boyfriend of a year left me after finding out i may be pregnant, best of luck to you both in getting the result you want!


Mallory - February 3

The best thing to do is to try to make her not worry because if she is not pregnant the stress can delay her period even more. If it still has not come within the next week, take a test, there could be places in your home town that will give free test that often times are more accurate that the home test. Like I said, the best thing to do is make her feel comfortable and tell her not to stress because that can make it worse. I have been there, and it makes things a lot worse. Let us know what you find out. Good luck to you!


Melissa - February 4

Joey you sound like a great kid, You sound very mature and grown up! Most men not kids in the sitution your in will not act as mature as you do! I'am very happy to see a young man talk about his girfriend as being not only his girlfreind and best friend too.. I'am fifty and I wish I was as happy as you guys sound with my husband. Well the chances of you guys being pregnant are very slim. Theres is a thing called pre-c_m but it is very very hard to get pregnant from that. But If you came inside her she would have felt it. You guyz should take a pregnacy test just to make sure though... because if she is very fertile then it increases the chances even more than ushual. If she was silk then it is very possible that is pushing her monthly period back... Just watch for the symptoms... Nasuea,vomiting,ect...Make sure she is not stressing! That also pushes it back! Well bestest of luck! She is a lucky girl!



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