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Pregnant Enough! - September 22

Are you THAT bored to do nothing but answer everyone's questions like yours are FACT, and all should hail to your advice?


Viv - September 22

Thanks for the input. I do have time on my hands. I know I am learning, I would like to feel I am helping. Maybe it's time for me to back off.


Pregnant Enough! - September 22

I wasn't saying "back off", but "you could be wrong"! YOU don't need to hear symptoms bc YOU are the expert on ALL pregnancies. Please don't take too much offence, but you discourage a lot of people with your "I don't think you are, so you must not be pregnant" answers. I am on my second child, in both, I had NO symptoms aside from the baby growing inside, until I was 6 months along... the peeing, tender b___bs, MISSED PERIOD... anything. For their sake, ease up a bit on the discouragment. Not everyone has to be pregnant the way you would like for them to be. Sorry, but I had to give those people a voice.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - September 22

We understand you are pregnant enough to know the symptoms, but some ladies are unfortunate to be able to know their symptoms. Viv I don't think you need to back off there are a lot of ladies who need OPINIONS like yours, some women need to now someone cares. and as far as being bored, i am on here morning, noon , and nights, and i have a life, husband and a child. I still find time to help ladies who need help.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - September 22

I did not have a chance to finish, but i was going to add my name, it is woman like you who start confusion on this board, some women should not be told they are pregnant if it sounds like they are not, if you read at the top of the forum it will say these are only OPINIONS.


Viv - September 22

Well, I'm trying to think here. Firstly, I believe women who post questions are looking for responses, preferably a variety of responses, so that at least they know the world is out there and listening. Anyone who disagrees with a response should take the time to say so. I have been trying my best to present things as probabilities. For the most part I have tried to say things like "a good chance", "3 to 2 odds on", "probably going to have to try again". I admit I do get didactic and repet_tive on prenatal care and doubling up on birth control. No apologies there. More input, anyone?


Anon - September 22

I think that viv is giving alot of good answers. The fact that viv is willing to put the time and effort in to decent replies is very much appreciated. Alot the replys viv has made are very mush true and they give people rea__surance. If people want to come on here and ask questions then they will get answers. If they are really concerened about there well being then they know they can go to there midwife or gp or someone. I hope that viv stays around to carry on giving input. i love reading things viv has to say. Well done viv your an a__set to this forum.


Viv - September 22

Thanks for the positive input. For the record, I am a retired engineer (male) and I came upon this forum seeking evidence to argue for better s_x and relationship education program in my community. Abstinence education isn't hacking it! If there are others out there interested in doing the same in there communities, let's coordinate efforts.


C - September 22

viv rocks!


Trisha - September 22

Very funny! Viv is a dude! It explains the NEED to hear more symptoms! Nothing against you Viv, but Pregnant Enough has a point, even if it only a small one. Trish


Pregnant Enough! - September 22

I read the message... and? Congradulations? You were able to type? LOL What exactly did you want me to "read"? I was just saying that from what I read of "Viv" writing, there are a lot of people out there, who, in their fear and worry, wonder if they are pregnant, and a lot of times, her-his?- answers ARE very correct and thought out.... BUT, VIV puts more stress on those who do not have Symptoms like "it" would like. That's Entertaining though. And for the record... Viv- NOTHING against you...


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - September 22

this site is for Pregnant women, to get the answers that women need, maybe he or she does research, it is still a help, youknow what it is people like you all, which i think are kids, make things go bad. these kids come from "teen pregnancy"


Viv - September 22

I am enjoying this conversation. Many of the posts I answer are from women who are so excited (or worried) about being pregnant that they want answers days before tests will tell. Most of what I am doing is a more informed version of an on line pregnancy test. If there is evidence of high exposure in the fertile window, accompanied by some early symptoms, then one can give guarded encouragment. I need all that information before I can come up with a probability. Absent that information, all I can do is offer good wishes.


GEEZ - September 22

Ease Up People! Everyone is saying what they think, try not to get too personal. Thank you, Nikki


I agree with Pregnant enough - September 22

Ok, The point here is that this site is for woman who have real issues. Want real anseres. Viv, I mean no disrespect, however, you are a man. I would like to think that that is enough said. I would very much agree with "pregnant enough". Your answeres are very text book. It is hard, in my opinion, for you to give advise on pregnancy systems and determine from there if one is pregnet or not. I will tell you this the best advise that you can give is to inform all the ladies that pregnancy systems are very much like pms and if someone "feels"pregnanct to go see your Dr. Your input is good, if going by the text book, however I would relly hold off on telling someone there are or are not pregnet.


Pregnant Enough! - September 22

I am Posting an Appoligy for stirring things up. In my opionion, I felt I was giving those women a voice, who could not speak up... I meant nothing like what it turned out to be, Viv.. ... and I did NOT (lol) intend to get anyone's panties, or boxers in a wad. So to ALL --- I am SORRY. I voiced MY thoughts, I didn't intend to "throw darts".


I agree with pregnet enough - September 22

It is ok, pregnent Enough, just blam it on the hormones! Take care and congrates on the new baby



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