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BRIT - November 4

Viv.. I see that everyone is coming to you for questions and you seem very much to know what you are talking about so Im gonna ask you and hope that you might have an answer..See I took the depo shot in April and it was suppose to be over in June.. so since then we have been trying to get prenant... well the thing is.. last month on the 24 I actually got a full, long, heavy blood flow..instead of the spotting and dark blood i had been does this mean Im ovulating again? And if soo do you think I can get pregnant now? We have been having unprotected s_x since the day after my period ended...?? PLEASE HELP.. anything is appreciated!! .


Viv - November 4

Some folks are lucky and get pregnant right after coming off Depo, and others wait months and months. If you had a good period, it means you ovulated two weeks before. Let's just hope that means that you are going to be regular from now on. You should be coming in to ovulation right now. Do you know how to check your cervical mucus and cervical position to verify this?


Brit - November 5

No I actually dont..


Viv - November 5

As ovulation approaches the cervical mucus becomes slippery and stretchy like the raw white of egg. Some women have enough of a discharge of this mucus that there is no question what is happening. Others may have to check for it. The cervix goes from being low and easily felt (like the tip of the nose) to Soft High Open Wet (SHOW). Open means that your finger tip can actually feel the round opening. Check the cervix with clean hands and trimmed nails using the same position each time. Squat in the shower or one leg on the edge of the tub or on the john - whatever makes you comfortable. It may take a couple of cycles to get the feel of what to expect. There is also a change in Basal Body Temperature at ovulation. Look for a BBT thermometer and instructions on the same counter as the hpt. If pregnancy occurs, BBT and cervix can be used as additional early signs. I have most of this info at



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