Viv Anyone I Ovulated Between Dec 17 20 When Can I Test

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KN - December 30

I am not sure on the exact day of ovulation, but we had s_x on the 16 and 19. I had the dishcarge and pains on the 18-20, so not sure really the exact date of possible conception. Dec 26 I had what I believe to be implantation cramps, lots of steady pain in my ovaries, lasted a few hours. I have lots of preg symptoms, nauseated, sore br___ts, small cramp type feelings in my ovaries, headaches, discharge, acne, to name a few. I am not sure what to blame it all on if I am not pregnant. I was pregnant before in Aug, and had a mis. I remember having a spell of really bad cramps in my ovaries that lasted a few hours, and I did not know what to blame them on, until Sunday when I had the same feeling. I believe that it could be implantation, because that is when they say it can happen, so many days past conception. I don't want to convince myself that I am pregnant, but I really think it. I have two questions... could I be pregnant? What is the earliest I could test to get a positive? Thanks so much... :)


Grandpa Viv - December 30

The recommendation most seen here is to wait until one week after a missed period, which would be three weeks after conception. That takes you to Jan 10. If you are rich and like gambling, you can start testing on Jan 1st. I take note of your description of implantation cramping, which has been debated here. Your signs are good - I like the discharge piece best because that can't be PMS. God bless and good luck! Please do revive this thread when you know the outcome.


KN - December 31

Thanks for the quick response. As for the discharge part, you said that sounded like a good sign. What else would cause me discharge? I know it happens around ovulation, but when else could it? I have been having discharge for the past 5-6 days. Please advise, thanks. :) Anyone else got any ideas?!


Grandpa Viv - December 31

I don't know of any other reason for clear or creamy discharge when it is not linked to ovulation. Even if it turns into a less welcome discharge it is still encouraging in its own way, as hormone changes can cause dormant infections to flare up, both in the v____a and urethra..


KN - December 31

I am not sure if I really understand your answer! I don't want to sound stupid though.... does my discharge mean a possible pregnancy? Or do I have an infection? It does not smell or itch. I ovulated between dec 17-20, I would not still be having discharge from that, could I? I have read that discharge at the early stages of pregnancy is normal, right? Please clarify for me!!!!!!! Thanks! :)


KN - January 1

Is there any one who has any advice for me? Please!! :) I am really bloated, and my b___sts are really tender and my nipples are feeling funny and changing... not sure why...


Grandpa Viv - January 1

You're doing fine, KN. Bloating is related to intestinal changes as hormones affect the way your gut muscles function - food moves through faster. You can get heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea as a result. The b___st changes are normal, too. The areola can darken and get little bumps on it, new veins appear, aching and nipple sensitivity is common. The discharge is normal. Be happy with it unless it seems like it is accompanied by an infection. You have not yet mentioned frequent urination, fatigue, smell sensitivity, runny nose, saliva, dreams, purple v____a and half a dozen other signs that may be coming your way. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


KN - January 1

Thanks a million Granda Viv, you are such a help to me. I am trying to convince myself that all of my symptoms are only related to PMS, because I don't want to get upset if I get a negative. I know that I am having alot of early pregnancy symptoms, but I read more in detail PMS symptoms, and voila, there most of them are too. However, no other month have I ever felt like this.... few. Anyways, the only real concern that I have is that my heart seems to be beating alot faster at times, almost racing.... I can't explain that really! Thanks again for your help, I will test soon, but I will not be surprised if I see the negative, I doubt I could be so lucky to see a positive.


bump - January 2



kimmy - January 3

KN...I had unprotected s_x on the 17th and I ovulated around the dec. 18-20. Im worried that I might be pregnant. I have had a headache for the past 4 days since dec. 30 and It wont go away. i have been throwing up for the past 2-3 days. I feel nauctious and I eat more than usual. Could i be pregnant? Please help. Your questions sounds like the position i am in right now. I have lots of preg symptons. I feel nauseated at times. My b___st are sore, etc. Please help me understand why I could be feeling lik this for the past 4 days or so.


KN - January 3

Kimmy- sounds like you could be pregnant. My symptoms seem to come and go though, like today, I am very nautious, but my b___sts arent really sore anymore, and my cramping has pretty much faded, but I am still having lots of discharge. I would say to hang in there like me, and then take a test after you miss you period. It could also be symptoms of the flu, you never know, right?! Good luck, let me know how it turns out. :)


KN - January 7

Just an update: I tested on Jan 5, got a negative. I have been checking to see when I should start my af.... because since I have been off the pill my af's are not like clock work, but they get less time in between every month. The most has been 35 days, then 33, then 30, then 28...... today I am day 31 from my last af. I don't know if I should consider myself 'late' or not. I have ZERO signs of af. I have b___st discharge (milky when I squeeze), v____al disharge (creamy, mostly when I wipe, sometimes in my underwear), very bloated, ga__sy, acne, peeing a bit more often, tiredness has just hit me, doing #2 a lot more (TMI i know!), and my b___sts are not really darker or more veiny, just feel really full with milky discharge. I read somewhere that you cm dries up 3 days before af, but mine is still there in abundance, which i never have, only ovulation time. Now what should I do? Thanks.


KN - January 8

I started with some light blood today, and a few hours later I checked and it was brown. What could this mean? Is it my af or not? I have no pain really, it doesn't feel like my af.


bump - January 9

please help.... please



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