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Mandy - January 12

What type of discharge is experienced in the early stages of pregnancy? I think I may be pregnant. I have many symptoms but have been pretty dry lately. I should be ovulating right now but haven't experienced much discharge at all. I've had the stringlike discharge a few times but not the eggwhite like that I usually get. I just turned 30 in June so I'm wondering if my body is changing or if maybe I am pregnant. My br___ts are sore, I'm constantly going to the bathroom, I'm extremely emotional, very bloated and gained weight. My last period was on 12/28 prior to that my periods in November & October were 4 days late and not like normal. What do you think? Please tell me what type of discharge you get when pregnant. Thanks


Grandpa Viv - January 12

Hmmm! Discharge during pregnancy is usually described as creamy, and it gets more noticeable as the pregnancy progresses. Of course, it's too early for you to have gotten pregnant in January, so if you are pg. it is the kind where you bleed at period time in the first trimester (about 1/4 are like this). If you are pg you are further along than most who come here. I would take a home test this weekend, and make a doctors appointment for next week regardless. You need to find out what is going on. Good luck!


Mandy - January 13

Thanks for your advice. I think I will take a test this weekend. Wish me luch!


J - January 15

And did you test??


Liane - January 15

Hi, here's something I discovered: Your cycle can change some say every seven years, but I say sooner in some cases. It can cause irregularities. I went from going at the end of the month to gradually moving to the middle of the month. I also experienced a change in symptoms going from easy to ignore to down right annoying. I'm only 26, but i have 2 kids and that can really shake things up in period world! I honestly wouldn't worry too much unless you are experiencing pain. I'd start thinking about pregnancy after missing the period (or 2) all together. Good Luck!


Mandy - January 17

No I didn't test. I guess I don't want to see the negative sign so I'm going to wait to see if I get my next AF. Its due on 1/25. Wish me luck.



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