Viv The BHCG Quant Was But I Miscarried

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Sleiggs - November 13

This is the question that you responded to: "We have been trying to get pregnant since May with no success. Earlier this week my br___t began to hurt to the touch. I have very weird feelings in the pit of my stomach, some cramping. I'm kinda gas-y with minimal heartburn. The worst symptom is the excessive saliva. I carry a cup b/c it's so bad. Also, I wake-up throughout the night. My hubby wants a baby so badly that it's stressing me. The first day of my last period was 10/17. We've been having some problems and only had s_x on 10/22, 10/23, and 10/30. Am I pregnant?" Thank you for giving us hope. You are such a wonderful person to encounter. I don't know that I want to try again. I Think I might take a break. My husband and I are having some difficulties and the baby was the one thing that made us happy. I promise you, I'm not trying to have a baby to keep him. However, years ago I had an abortion [his baby] b/c I wasn't ready. I was very vocal about not wanting one, so he thinks that I am being punished for a mistake that I made years ago. Don't be too harsh ladies...I am already considering divorce.


m - November 13

This is a delicate situation and I'm hesitant to respond. But I just wanted to tell you not to beat yourself up for the abortion. I don't belive you are being "punished". Miscarriage is very common. I, myself, have had 2 within the last 3 months. I believe you when you say you aren't trying to have a baby to keep him. But is it possible the subject of a baby was brought up by both of you to maybe help your marriage? That's fine if a baby actually would help. But sometimes, when a relationship is in trouble, something as major as having a child can only mask the underlying pain for a while. Then you MIGHT end up back at sqare one, and with a baby involved. I am simply suggesting maybe you 2 could work on other issues, decide whether or not you want to be together, and THEN talk about a baby again. It does help when a pregnancy begins in a healthy relationship. Ok, enough Dr. Ruth!... or is it Dr. Phil! LOL Good luck Sleiggs. And if you need support concerning the miscarriage, many women on here know just what you're going through and this board is a great place to be when you need help or advice. One of my favorite cliche's--- This, too, shall pa__s. Take care.


Carly - November 14

I don't see how you could be being punished for making the decision to have an abortion when drug addicts, alcholics and child abusers have children every day. I do not agree however that it is smart to bring a child into a relationship that is already rocky. It can only add more stress.



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