Vivid Dreams

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jessica - September 20

i read a question earlier and i was just wondering what are vivid dreams and what does that have to do with pregnancy?


Viv - September 20

This is not a commonly quoted sign of pregnancy, but it has come up in conversation and I am trying to explore the issue. It is evidently more common than supposed. There does not appear yet to be any common theme. One was "water", one was "being in a strange place" and a third "being murdered, a childhood nightmare come back to life". Maybe we could keep this thread going and have others add to the collection. Not only can this be an early sign, it can continue throughout the pregnancy.


kate - September 20

I have been having vivid dreams and I just found out that I am pregnant. I'm not usually one to even remember my dreams, but these seem to be so real that I wake up shaking. They have mostly been about hurricanes. I live in Ohio and never been directly effected by a hurricane.


brucen - September 20

I don't remember if I had any dreams like this during my early pregnancy. I could have, I just don't remember. I have had loads of them after discovering I was pregnant. They can be about anything, they are just very memorable. I have had dreams of talking babies, of what he or she may look like, etc. I was warned early on not to worry about all of the erotic dreams--no matter how strange they were--I would have later in pregnancy. I thought the lady was a kook, but sure enough they started. Although that could have been implated in my psyche subconsciously. Anyway here are some sites that have more women's experiences with or reasoning behind vivid dreams:


C - September 22

i've been having strange dreams and remembering them!! one was i was lost in my house ( and some weird things had been done to the inside). almost every night now i wake up remembering its strange ( but no fish dreams lol)


87987 - September 22

well i heard only the mother of the pregnant woman has the fish dreams.


monique - September 25

i had a dream that my boy friend told me someone in his family died, and i said well when one leaves one come. The next morning i left and came home he told me someone died in his family, i asked him didn't he tell me that last night he told me no he just got the news. i don't know if i am pregnant or not, but i hope so!



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